Behind the thick bamboo, brambles prowl the brutal tiger, standing by persistently for its prey. Someplace, somewhere far off, a crowd of deer visits the nearby water opening to extinguish their thirst and the wily crocodile stays dormant, holding back to dispatch its assault – there are a few scenes that anticipate you when you leave on a wilderness safari. It’s out and out an advantage to see nature’s occupants in their regular living space, showing crude feelings. 

  1. KAAV Safari Lodge, Kabini, Karnataka 

This wilderness hideaway is set along the actual edge of the Nagarhole untamed life asylum and saturated with the soul of uncommon isolation of the Kabini woods. Since it is directly by the wilderness, you will actually want to hear the many alert calls and hints of nature. Certainly don’t pass up the boat safari which will make them coast amidst two National parks flanking the southern provinces of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. With Nagarhole on one side and Bandipur on different, crowds of elephants, deer, buffalo and surprisingly the powerful felines venture out onto these banks to extinguish their thirst. 

Property outline 

Arranged along the edge of Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaav Safari Lodge includes an outside pool. It has been creatively intended to please eyes and offers free Wi-Fi in lodgings. 

The property offers types of assistance like baggage stockpiling, wellbeing store and clothing. Visitors can go for a loosening up walk in the nursery. All movement game plans should be possible at the movement work area. 


Opening out onto perspectives on the beautiful skyline, the four very much designated rooms at Kaav mirror our ethos of untamed extravagance. They are insightfully intended to guarantee your every solace while aware of leaving the nature that encompasses you unsullied. 

Appended with an overhang and offering a view, the sufficiently bright cooled rooms are outfitted with tea/espresso producer, fan and closet. The private restroom incorporates a hairdryer, shower and free toiletries. 

  1. Pashan Garh, Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh 

The Pashan Garh is situated in the focal province of Madhya Pradesh, arranged in the Vindhya Hills along the unblemished Ken River. A solid theme all through the hotel is the theme of the crocodile, which possesses the close by Ken River and the cabin draws motivation from the dry-pressed stone places of the Panna locale. It contains a bunch of stone houses clustered on a little slope, with sublime perspectives over the backwoods and a huge close by waterhole, which has been host to various tiger and inhabitant impala sightings. 

  1. Panther Trails, Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka 

This hideaway is situated by the most seasoned public park in Sri Lanka, Wilpattu. The rose safaris rethink the first risen safari with helpful cutting edge conveniences, meanwhile remaining consistent with the heartfelt atmosphere of a by-gone British pioneer period loaded up with experience. An extraordinary element here is that the recreation center is covered with enormous sand rimmed regular lakes known as “Villus” which gather downpour water and draw in natural life particularly during seasons of dry spell. 

  1. Paatlidun Safari Lodge, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand 

Arranged in the lower regions of the Himalayas, this retreat ensures beautiful sights and glorious scents. Paatlidun is situated on the edge of the Corbett Tiger Reserve and is as often as possible visited by wild pigs who like to uncover the grounds and the master Naturalists can instruct you to befriend these fuzzy animals. Absorb the metallic independent tub, tuning in to the alleviating precipitation pouring outside while you’re engaged in an incredible read. In case you’re fortunate, a peacock may get you a downpour dance as you appreciate breakfast at Risya, the café. You’re constantly encircled by great organization at this safe-haven. 

  1. Pench Tree Lodge, Karmajhiri, Madhya Pradesh 

Set in one of the least investigated spaces of Pench National Park, this elegantly done eco-accommodating tree hold up offers a cut of quite possibly the most exceptional untamed life encounters! The tree house is roosted high up on a tree, encircled by undisturbed moving sections of land of wilderness bush and trees and ignores moving greens. It is a private casing to cuddle in and notice the outlandish natural life around.