How can I find a good migration agent in Australia?


You decided you want to come to Australia to study, work, or relocate permanently and have zero ideas on how to do it? There are thousands of people applying for different visas every year so to ensure your visa application gets approved you must do everything right because many others are waiting in line trying to do the same thing.

This is where migration agents come in clutch. Because you may not have any ideas about whether you meet the requirements and criteria for a visa or straight up have no idea where to begin, but with professional agents doing all the work, you would be amazed at what they can achieve. Now the important question is how can you make sure that you are choosing the right migration company or agent for yourself and are not getting scammed by a sketchy agent? To ensure that you find a great agent, here our best tips on how to find a good migration agent in Australia.


Make Sure the Agent is Registered with MARA

The first and the most important step is to find out whether the agent is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). This office manages all the agents in Australia. It makes sure they are eligible to offer migration services so it’s crucial that the agent you choose is registered with MARA. If you choose to go with an agent that is registered with MARA then there’s no way to really tell whether they are familiar with Australian migration laws or know what they’re doing.

Registered agents are required to keep up with the new migration laws and changes to visa requirements. If you happen to have a problem with a MARA agent and believe that they are unprofessional or unethical you can report them to MARA, but Unregistered agents work under none of those regulations so if you run into any issues with them there is no way to report them.


Choose a migration agent with experience

This is pretty easy to understand as having experience in the field of migration is a big deal. It’s best to choose a migration agent who has been active for a good amount of time. Their experience will help them make better decisions and know what documents can help increase the success rate of an application. With the migration laws and regulations continually changing it’s better to trust someone who has been in the field for a long time than someone who has just started out in the business. Look for someone with at least a minimum of 5 years of experience in the migration business. This ensures that they have worked on enough cases to know the dos and don’ts for your application. Working with a more experienced agent may sometimes cost more. But, if you have the budget for it, it’s definitely worth it.


Make sure you’re not being charged too much

This is a very important factor for most people when it comes to choosing a migration agent. A number of factors affect the amount of money you are charged. Initially, there can be consultation charges but there are many agencies that offer free migration consultation to attract clients. You will be charged as well for the services they are offering you. These services include going through all the documents and verifying them, communicating with the case officers, keeping you up to date with the progress and all the extra research that may be required for a case.

The experience of the agent that you are working with will also affect the prices. If the agent you want to work with works with a big company they may charge you more just because of their name and popularity. Research enough companies and agents to make sure you’re paying for the quality of service and not who they are.


Talk to previous client of your agent

If you know people who have worked with the agent you are interested in working with, talk to them and ask about their experience. If you know someone who has gone through the migration process ask them for tips and their recommendation for how you should go about your application. One of the best ways to assess a migration agent is to read and listen to testimonials from their previous clients. Looking at an agent’s track record and success rate will give you a good idea of the outcome you can expect for yourself if you decide to work with them.



There are many factors you can look at when choosing a migration agent. But the ones we discussed are some of the most important ones. After going through all the points above you can gauge their honesty and the clarity of their communication to make your final decision.