How You Can Drive Safely in Dubai

The foreigners driving to Dubai should first get to know more shades. It is a better option to take advantage of car rental services from Dubai. It was better to enjoy the Dubai road trip to hire a car. . The travelers can enjoy the Cheap Monthly Car Rental in Dubai. The road condition of Dubai roads is the best in the whole world.

Dubai is the right hand driving country. The roundabout at Dubai at the intersection. The smart drive that detects on the highway areas have different speed limits, if you exceed the limit, you will start getting sound signals. There are lots of interchanges, which may seem very ambiguous. We recommended buying a local Sim card to use a navigator. Sygic, maps, me, and smart drive use as an official RTA navigator have been approved as excellent tools.  The priority is given to those people.

Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

Dubai has one of the best traffic management systems in the world. The scenario of the Traffic jam happens once in a blue moon. The drivers do not have to wait at the traffic light to change.  To rent a car in Dubai makes your tour more comfortable and easy.  you can move freely according to your choice.

Driving in Dubai is a little bit tough, the foreigners are not accustomed to the driving habits. You will have to be very attentive while driving a keep an eye on the road.

How to rent a car in Dubai?

If you have a great love of traveling and seeing the world with your eyes, you can rent in Dubai.

  • Here are some useful tips for beginners to drive in Dubai:
  • Find out the car rental services in Dubai and make a comparison of rates and confirm the availability of cars, choose the agency you find more suitable.
  • Book your car, the earlier you book, you can get cheaper rental charges.
  • The driver is not allowed to drive without the driving license. If you want to drive yourself, you can apply for an international driving license.
 To drive safely in Dubai:
  • The driver should stick to the speed limits on the highways and maintain the distance.
  • The driver can drive with the approved driving license ( must have a local and international driving license. Be patient while driving, don’t be so rushed.
  • The driver must keep an eye on the priorities to the left side.
  • Try to avoid the left-hand lane
  • You can buy a local navigator
  • The driver must read the road signs.
Maintain Distance

Keep your vehicle at a reasonable distance from the other vehicles. The driver must follow three-second rules. The vehicle must be three seconds behind the car. This regulates the speed limit and space. If someone tries to cut, space is enough to pull back and adjust the space again.

Poor visibility:

The cars with the dark window had a peripheral vision at night. Some drivers do not turn out the headlights. They are making a huge mistake, light is necessary for the other driver to see them.


Overtaking is very common in Dubai. If you are against the traffic rules. Beware of other cars flying down at your side. Do keep the mirror functional and check the blink spots before changing the lenses.


Dubai roads boast of fast cars. Top sports vehicles extremely reach speed.  Speeding has been curbed because of strict surveillance by using technology speed cameras to reduce the speed limit.  In Dubai you are not allowed to exceed the limit, the maximum speed is 60/KM, hour, While you are in the countryside, it must be 100 KM. The cost of the speeding fine starts from 100AED. There are large numbers of surveillance cameras and radars to monitor the situation.

Headlight Flashing

Headlight flashing generally means “make way for me”. The police vehicle or unmarked car asking to move out of their way.