Is solo Umrah Traveling even safe?

Yes, the experience of “Solo Umrah Travelling” was being welled at least for me. Of course, safety should always be at the top of everyone’s mind, but the thought of combating this fear will prepare you to adopt some survival techniques. It is human nature that if a person fears a catastrophe in the future, he intensified his efforts in the past to avoid it.

To make the journey a success, you must first understand your surroundings and act accordingly.

That is, what to wear, how to put yourself in an acceptable attitude. As each of us already knows, there is no such thing as a calculation formula other than not getting too drunk on the trip and keeping track of and respecting the environment around us.

How to Join Umrah Traveling?

There are two ways to join Umrah Travelling; Umrah Visa and Visit Visa.

In the past days, Saudi Government did not allow any visitor to perform Umrah on a visit visa because there was no concept of any tourist visa. After Hajj 2019, Saudi Authorities has announced that everyone can perform Umrah with a visit visa.

How to get Umrah Visa or a Visit Visa?

Saudi Arabia has adopted online ways to swipe the old paperwork visa method. Now, one doesn’t need to visit any travel agency office because everything will happen on your electronic gadgets (laptop, mobile, and tab).

You just type on the internet “” to get your required visa.

And then go on the “Apply for eVisa” option on the top right side of your laptop screen. After clicking on the apply section you should carefully fill up all information because providing wrong information can illegible you.

If you are a woman and have the intention to travel alone without any Mahram. The government of Saudi Arabia will not issue an Umrah visa to any lady whose age undergoes 45 years. If her age is above 45 then travel with an organized group.

Can a solo lady not join Umrah travel?

Yes, a solo lady can join Umrah travel but she can’t join Umrah travel with Umrah Visa. She will require to apply for a Visit e visa. Because there is no objection, especially for the people of 49 countries. If a lady belongs to these selected countries then she can travel alone.

Is there any precaution before leaving your homeland?

No, there is no precaution before leaving homeland except to complete your “Coronavirus Doses Course”. If the second dose has been over 8 months old, take a booster dose.

Here, I recommend taking benefits from nearby travel agencies. Many travelling loops maybe make your entire journey expensive. For example booking any flight tickets, accommodations, transport etc.

The best way to search for any travel agency is using because it’s reliable.  Don’t contact any agency who have not any physical locations.

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Is Saudi Arabia a safe country for a Solo girl?

Yes, it’s a safe country for a solo girl but we can’t say the crime ratio of Saudi Arabia is 0%. We have no place or country where anyone maybe guarantees that no violations of laws happen.

Various blogs and news stats show us that currently, the crime ratio of Saudi Arabia is low than UK and USA.

The main reason behind this low ratio is the implementation of Sharia Law. There are many countries of Muslims in the world and most of them have failed to implement Islamic laws.

I also read about Saudi Sharia law before my solo Umrah trip. We must be aware of and respect the rules where we will travel in the future.

During this journey, don’t indulge yourself in debating the especially religious perspective. Never preach against the Saudi Government. Please check your travel documents again and again at that time of bag Pack. You may also be deported if you miss any documents. Therefore, my advice is don’t fully believe in an online system rather than Travel Agency.

My experience:

I shared here my personal experience of my Solo Umrah Journey. It started last month. My purpose wasn’t only to do Umrah because visiting the other sacred places were also included in my journey. First of all, never be stuck out when you find or book Travel Package. And I asked various agencies regarding my Umrah Package. I belong to the United Kingdom, therefore, I used the UK with the package. You should also try it with your country or city name.

My concerned agent referred me to get a Visit e Visa because its validation is one year whereas Umrah visa is valid for 30 days. I got a visit visa than an Umrah visa. I did not book any transport while I had booked hotels in Mecca and Medina.

Now many private cabs companies are providing their taxi services. You can also book your recommended accommodations through and etc.

I packed some t-shirts and pants for wearing there but did not even wear them at that time of departing. Because I wanted, inhabitants of Saudi Arabia never imagine me as a western or European girl from my dress code. I bought my Abyah from London because my purpose was to perform Umrah or visit other Ziayrats instead of tourism.

As I said in beginning “To make the journey a success, you must first understand your surroundings and act accordingly.”, therefore I followed this thumb rule.

During the journey, one day, I didn’t wear an extra chador (sheet) and an abaya, and at that moment, I found myself an antique piece in a market among different people, especially men.

So, that was the embracing moment of my entire trip, and I understood that time how Islamic laws protect a woman. You can find everything that you want. But try to begin your journey with at least basic travel requirements.