It Is Time To Meet The Tigers Of India: Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh is one of the famous tourist spots in Madhyapradesh-‘the dil of Hindustan’. In the last decade due to the non-stop promotion of MP tourism, Bandhavgarh has become the center of attraction to tourists all over the world. Not only the other parts of India but also many travelers around the globe know about Bandhavgarh and its natural beauty. Each year millions of people come and visit Bandhavgarh for countless reasons. The sonic environment of the region, the architecture and for the forts over here, and for the white tigers. So, people always try to find out Bandhavgarh tour over the internet and try to find out the best tour operator in India to travel to Bandhavgarh.

The History and Mythological Value of Bandhavgarh

The place has mythological values and historical significance. Many liberal people can argue but the mythological argument is Lord Rama came here and gifted his younger brother Sri Lakshmana a famous Bandhavgarh Fort. Due to this reason, the place has significantly valued the believers of Lord Rama and his historical facts. If we look back to 2000 years we can find many manuscripts and inscriptions where people and travelers documented this Lord Rama’s incident. The area is also famous for its man-made caves where one can find many mythological stories on the wall of the caves and rock paintings that attract travelers for many years.

The name Bandhavgarh is taken from ‘Bandhav’ that means brother or ‘bhai’ (in Hindi) and Garh means fort. Historians have found many old pieces of literature that can establish the truth behind the name of the region.


Why Tourist is Excited to Visit Bandhavgarh

Now the question is why each year travelers are taken much interest in Bandhavgarh tour packages. The main reason is for the white tigers. Bandhavgarh is famous for its tigers. Many travelers have spotted big cats while traveling the area. There are many stories about tigers and tourists. That makes the area more enchanting to the tourists and the best tour operators in India offer the Bandhavgarh National Park tour packages to travelers. Reports say the Bandhavgarh National Park is famous for the highest density of Royal Bengal tigers on the earth. You can experience the real show of the tigers over here. If you don’t miss the chance you can book Bandhavgarh tour packages immediately.

Yes It’s Time to Meet the Tigers of India

If you are a tiger lover you should visit Bandhavgarh. It is believed that maximum numbers of white tigers are living here. The historical report says the area was the tiger hunting ground of the Maharajas of Rewa. Not only Indian Maharajas, but many famous foreign hunters had also visited the place for hunting the tigers. Later it encourages the poachers. But due to initiatives taken by both the Government of India, the Government of Madhyapradesh, and the forest department, poaching is almost dead in this area. In the last few years, the number of tigers significantly increased and it attracts tourists. Bandhavgarh is also famous for Leopards and various kinds of animals. There are many types of bird species, mammals, different kinds of butterflies, etc. So, you can experience nature over here. Wood is one of the main attractions to tourists. They can find many species of Dhobin, Salai, Saja, and Saal trees. If you spend 4 days in the region you can explore the great natural resources and historical facts of Bandhavgarh. So, whenever you book Bandhavgarh tour packages for 4-5 days. The best tour operator in India can arrange all the hospitality for you. You can find many hotels, resorts over here. If you want, the tour operators can arrange the camp for you. The night spent is so astonishing over here. Don’t miss the natural beauty of the night in Bandhavgarh.

The ‘Bohera’ and ‘Tala

Bandhavgarh is also famous for its valleys of the Vindhya Mountains. You can visit ‘Bohera’ the beautiful meadows and the lowest point of the National Park called ‘Tala.’ Not only the National Park or tigers, Bandhavgarh is also famous for its architectural values. Tourists can visit the famous areas like- Bandhavgarh Ancient Caves, Baghel Museum, Ghorademaon Waterfalls, Climber’s Point, Gharpuri Dam, Shesh Shaiya, and Bandhavgarh Hill. The caves and forts have a great architectural mixture of Hindu and Persian culture.

Don’t Miss the Cuisine

The tour is not being completed without the cuisine culture of any area. If you are a traveler you must be a food lover. Cuisine tells us many tales about the culture of that particular area, society, and values of the heritage. So, don’t miss the cuisine of Bandhavgarh. Here, the cuisine is so popular that you can’t ignore that. The mouthwatering taste of the foods of the region can make you mad about the foods. The local masalas and ingredients are widely used at the time of preparation of the cuisines over here. The taste of the food can give you a heavenly feeling with every bite. You can taste Mawa-bati Kebads, Khorprapak and Bhutte ki kees. You can also taste the local foods like- Masala Chai (tea) is made by homemade masalas, Matar jeera shorba, Dal Kabab, Lal Bhaji, etc. You can’t ignore the taste of the food. You can get many famous and street corner food stations where you can eat these foods. You can also approach the best tour operator in India to include the cuisine tour in Bandhavgarh tour packages.

How to Reach Bandhavgarh

You can go to Bandhavgarh via flight, train or road. You can also book the best and most affordable Bandhavgarh tour packages from many tour operators. If you want to visit a nearby destination you can visit Jabalpur (160 KM) away from Bhandhavgrah and Amarkantak (190 KM) away from Bandhavgarh. Jabalpur is famous for the great river Narmada and Amarkantak is famous for ‘Teerthraj’ for both Hindu and Buddhists pilgrims. The best time to visit the area is from October to February.

Some Attractive Places to Visit in Bandhavgarh

There are some other places you won’t be missing to visit. These places are:

  • Three Cave Point
  • Badi Gufa
  • Sheesh Shaiya
  • Bandhavgarh Fort

And don’t miss the Jeep Safari at Bandhavgarh National Park.  So, make your visit plan in October and book Bandhavgarh tour packages in India immediately.