Shilhaandara Resort: Guide 2021

Shilhaandara Resort is wonderfully situated on unbelievable mountains, observing striking pleasant perspectives on nature and authentic fortifications. The retreat is 55 kms from the Bangalore city and is arranged at around 300 ft. tallness of mountain. Because of settling at the lower regions of the Ramanagara rocks, the hotel is a large group of numerous audacious and sensational exercises. The hotel is likewise popular for having a gallery view and porch disregarding mountains and recorded fortifications. 

Shilhaandara Resort occupies enhancements like pool, audacious exercises, zip-lining, water slides and a lot more differentiated exercises. Shilhaandara, in the midst of lavish greenery, is a fulgent mode to savor the genuine substance of nature. You can profit exercises, relish downpour move or basically laze by the pool, near nature. In the event that you are looking for absolute harmony, at that point Shilhaandara resort should be in your thought.

The design of Shilhaandara is propelled by antiquated realms which controlled the terrains of Southern India, and the climate divulges the old way of life.

Offices and Amenities in Shilhaandara Resort

Shilhaandara Resort gives an encouraging and reviving zone to commend existence with unbelievable offices and conveniences. The retreat likewise fills in as an ideal scene for private gatherings, weddings, meetings, and corporate gatherings. Scarcely any civilities that can be profited by you at Shilhaandara Resort include: 

-Admittance to free WiFi. 

-Free stopping. 

-24-hour front work area. 

-Basic pool. 

-Cooling in rooms. 


-Morning paper. 



-Gear store. 

-A clinical focus. 

-Overhang, and porch. 


-Bar offices. 

-Gathering corridor. 

-Transport on solicitation. 

-Paid clothing administrations. 

-Paid spa and steam and sauna. 

-Wellness focus. 

-Children play zone with swings. 

-Indoor games like carrom, chess, table tennis, foosball, and billiards (at extra charges). 

Experience Activities in Shilhaandara Resort

The rundown of Adventurous Activities in Shilhaandara states how amazing it would be for you to be in its mitigating arms. Having some expertise in experiential projects for all age gatherings and mentality, the gutsy exercises in Shilhaandara Resort incorporates: 

-Sea shore volleyball 




-Bow and bolt 

-Kite flying 


-Zip lining 

-Downpour dance alongside DJ 

-Table tennis






-Quad bicycle rides 

Accomodation in Shilhaandara Resort

Shilhaandara Resort exclusively underscores on your comfortable and sumptuous remain for you in a corporate group, as a team, or with family. Ramanagara’ resort is saturated with legacy with characteristic scenes, and audacious territory.

Soumithre: The superior rooms are ordered in two kinds – a pool room, and the other standard room. The sumptuous pool rooms offer admittance to private pools. Lazing by these pools turns out to be more impeccable as you wash under the shadow of stirring trees with lofty stone slopes filling in as the ideal background.

Then again, standard rooms are totally roomy rooms, giving puzzling perspectives on the scenes. Soumithre outfits key highlights like: 

-Private (pool rooms)

-Welcome Drink

-Premium Fast Internet

-Level screen TV

-Individual Air-molding


-Clothing Service

-Alternative of Full Meal Packages

-Admittance to Complimentary Games

-Premium Chef’s Amenities

-Huge work area

-Tea and espresso making offices

-Electronic Safe

Sougandhika gives admittance to a private warmed jacuzzi and super present day washroom. The rooms have best extravagance and soothing hint of dazzling stylistic layout.

– Private Jacuzzi

-Welcome Drink

-Premium Fast Internet

-Level screen TV

-Cooled Rooms


-Clothing Service

-Alternative of Full Meal Packages

-Admittance to Complimentary Games

-Premium Chef’s Amenities

-Huge work area

-Tea and espresso making offices

-Electronic Safe

Tent Stay: To give you an unbelievable encounter of outdoors in a retreat itself, Shilhaandara has a remarkable choice for remain – the tent remain. The night under a star-lit sky, the whistling stone slopes calming you to a relieving rest doesn’t sound tempting? On the off chance that you are looking for a genuine experience of nature, at that point a tent stay would immaculately oblige your decision.

– Private Tent

– Welcome Drink

– Premium Chef’s Amenities

How to Reach Shilhaandara Resort?

The Shilhaandara resort is a good ways off of 55 kms from the Bangalore city, having the closest air terminal – Kempegowda International Airport a ways off of 82 kms from the retreat.

What is Nearby Shilhaandara Resort?

Shilhaandara Resort, arranged on an awesome mountain, gets a rundown of experience and nature wonderful perspectives. The accompanying spots close by Shilhaandara Resort should be in your rundown of excursion while being in the retreat:

Imaginative Film City – 14 km

Wonderla – 14 km

Savandurga – 17 km

On the off chance that a mix of nature, and experience with antiquated mood entices you, at that point you should remember Shilhaandara Resort for your agenda. Investigate the statures of stone slopes, relish enthrallment in experience exercises, enjoy some luscious foods, and continue looking at the remarkable magnificence of beguiling scene. All in all, what is opposing you for booking your spaces for a bundle to Shilhaandara Resort?