Things You Must Know Before Visiting to Chadar Trek

Announced as one of the most hazardous trips on the planet, the Chadar Trek joins two components that energize experience vacationers – Ladakh, and journeying. What makes it unique is the way that the journeying occurs on the outside of a solidified waterway. A waterway that courses through the charming valley between nearly vertical snow-clad mountain runs; a stream that is made as hard as stone by the gnawing cold winter – a basic test to the adrenaline siphoning in your blood. 

The Chadar Trek is directly in the lap of the most superb dot of white you’ll actually observe. No other trip approaches the rush that this one triggers. The dangers that join it just make it more stupendous; they are the explanation individuals from everywhere the world are attracted to the Chadar Trek, Ladakh. What’s more, you will be as well, when you arrive at the finish of this article. 


The Chadar Trek is a trip on the Zanskar River that is solidified unshakable in the winter a long time of January and February. The (in fact) Zanskar River Trek is famously known as the Chadar Trek on account of how the ice frames a thick frigid cover on the stream. 

The Chadar Trek is situated in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. As though it wasn’t unique enough as of now, Chadar Trek actually figures out how to add to Ladakh’s appeal in its own unrivaled manner. The journey gets you from the town of Chilling in Ladakh to the towns of the Zanskar Valley. It is of very nearly 65 kilometers and you can get to a most extreme height of 11,123 feet above ocean level. 

The excursion begins in Leh. Before you start the journey, you have to get a wellness endorsement from government authorities in Leh. After you get adjusted to the climate and height, you are good to go to make a beeline for Chilling. In transit there, you will pass a few pitstops worth paying special mind to – like the intersection of Zanskar and Indus streams, Magnetic Hill and Gurudwara Pathar Sahib. Shingra Yokma is the place the journeying will start. The entire trip incorporates strolling for around 6 to 7 hours on the solidified stream and afterward setting up camp for the cold night. For this, we recommend you camp in caverns, alongside local people. It’s a brilliant occasion to collaborate with them, hear accounts of how they associate with the remainder of the world during the inconceivable winters, request traveling tips and even devour a portion of the hot, delightful food (a genuine gift) they convey only for you. 

As you jump on, you will run over the glorious solidified falls at the Tibb Cave. Do pause for a minute to take in the excellence as you probably won’t get an opportunity to observe something like this once more. In case you’re fortunate, you may even spot foxes and snow panthers, clearing their path through the chadar of day off. After around 5 days of challenging however sweet agony, the journey will end at Shingra Yokma, from where you had begun. With enormous accounts of your energizing experiences, you will go to Leh. 


As welcoming as the drive to Leh Ladakh may be, it is practically difficult to reach there by street during winters. Impeded streets are a certain something, yet driving can be perilous because of avalanches and dangerous streets. Also, there are no railroads in this sloping region. Thus, aviation routes is the main alternative. Numerous administrators have an every day trip to Leh from New Delhi. Also, stress not, the perspective on the mountains from many feet over the ground is as promising as an excursion. 

Fom Leh, you will arrive at Chilling through street. Transports and taxicabs are plentifully accessible. The befores and afters of the journey on the Chadar course, are exceptional. The perspective on one mountain after the other, in a perpetual arrangement, is quiet and will get you energized for what is to come! 


The best time, and really, the main opportunity to go for the Frozen River Trek is clearly when the stream is solidified. It’s the main open door to truly value the common magnificence that has been protected for quite a long time. In this way, go here in the winter a very long time of January and February. As this is the season to go for the Chadar Trek, all other experience searchers will go simultaneously also. Along these lines, ensure you have made your Chadar Trek appointments well ahead of time. Indeed, even in this window, we propose you go in February, in light of the fact that the ice is the most steady during that time. Along these lines, you’ll see it more secure and somewhat simpler to travel over. 

In these months, the climate is with the end goal that each walkable surface is dangerous and inclined to avalanches. However, local people discover strolling over the solidified Zanskar River the most secure approach to cross the valley for their day by day work. That is the way this trip got popular. It is essential for the day by day schedule of the residents and in this way, it turns into the factor that advises you not to stress a lot over the dependability of the ice. On the off chance that you follow the rules and get appropriately prepared, you will be in a vastly improved situation to travel on the ice (play on words expected). 


Here are the supreme fundamentals you have to convey. All that should be waterproof and should guarantee your glow in the below zero temperatures. 

Knapsack (60-70 liters) and downpour spread 

Journeying stick (at any rate 1) 

Chadar Trek course map 

Gumboots and traveling shoes 

UV-secured shades 

Protected water container and water purifier 

Camping bed 

High temp water sack 

Light and batteries 

Energy bars and dry natural products 

Cold cream, lip medicine 

Bathroom tissue and wipes 

Individual drug and survival kit 


Engineered traveling pants 

Full sleeve woolen shirts 

Full sleeve thick coat 

Warm inners 

Gloves (both, warm and waterproof), socks, monkey cap, suppressor 

Legitimate ID evidence (like visa, driving permit) and duplicates 

4 identification size photos and two or three additional items 

It can’t be focused on enough exactly how cool it will be. Along these lines, ensure you have all you require. At the point when you’re in Leh before the trip begins, you can search for things you may have passed up. Do counsel local people for master tips on this as well. 


The Chadar Trek is available to all who are truly fit, regardless of whether learners or experienced in journeying. In any case, it isn’t prudent for newbies as journeying on ice can be truly precarious. The primary test is to know the land and spot your foot on the correct spots. Regardless of whether you have traveling experience, you have to get ready yourself as this trip resembles nothing you’ve experienced previously. As shocking as the Chadar Trek will be, you should be very mindful so as to get through. 

Aside for a fact, the most significant thing on the agenda is as a rule genuinely fit. You should be sufficiently dynamic to travel around 15 km consistently in 6 to 7 hours, conveying a 10 kg rucksack, absent a lot of weakness. On the off chance that you have illnesses like hypertension, heart condition, asthma, epilepsy, and so forth, it is energetically suggested you pass on this one. What’s more, obviously, the evenings will be unpleasant as well. 

The degree of your physical wellness won’t be controlled by you – it will be checked by government authorities; they won’t believe you. For the Chadar Trek, you have to get a wellness endorsement from the SNM Hospital in Leh, without which, or bombing which, you can’t go further. Be that as it may, experiencing the difficult cycle of getting fit will be justified, despite any trouble. Trust us, you would prefer not to pass up the stunning and extraordinary Chadar Trek. On the off chance that you have focused on it, you have to get into shape and manufacture endurance. 

For a trip as trying as this one, you need in any event an hour of unpleasant exercise each day for 2-3 months before it’s an ideal opportunity to go. Do cardio activities, for example, running, cycling and climbing steps, just as activities to reinforce your center, for example, push-ups, crunches and squats. Additionally, find a way to improve your lung limit by swimming and running. Cut down on shoddy nourishment and decide on more advantageous choices. Ensure you’ve experienced your Chadar Trek schedule two or multiple times to get acquainted with and comprehend what you’re in for. 

At the point when you arrive at Leh, go through a day or two to get adjusted to the climate. Go for arduous strolls and test your warm and traveling gear. In the event that something is missing or not right, purchase more proper apparatus in Leh. Focus on these subtleties to go through the Chadar Trek all the more easily.