Top 4 Gorgeous Places to visit in Switzerland in December

Trapped in the four walls of our home, the pandemic has suffocated our souls. The moment this lockdown opens up, more than half of the population is sure to make travel plans. Why? Because travel during the pandemic has become a necessity, it is no longer a leisure activity. When you make plans and choose the best destination for your long-desired holiday, what about Switzerland? Especially Switzerland in December is a view to knocking the breath out of your lungs. 

This country is nature’s paradise with several fascinating places to visit, so are you a Christmas fan? How about visiting the Christmas market? With cool air blowing on your face and the ground painted white, Switzerland becomes a must-visit in December. 

If you don’t know where to go in Switzerland, we have eased it up for you by listing four such places. 

Mt. Pilatus

white and brown house on top of mountain

Switzerland’s temperature in December is 2°C and the highest temperatures are 4°C at such a good temperature Mt. Pilatus will make your journey worthwhile with the scenery of the Swiss Alps. You can effortlessly come here via a corded car while appreciating the exciting views. 

At this stunning venue, you not only enjoy the charismatic impressions around but can also take up various paths for extraordinary winter strolls. 

Lake Lucerne

body of water near mountain during daytime

Enjoying the beauty of Lake Lucerne, and the background of your pictures being the lovely panorama of the Alps. Recorded among the unmissable Switzerland temptations in winter, the area feels like a wonderland that attracts snow-loving skiers and snowboarders. This is one of the promising spots to tour in Switzerland in December.

The magnificence of the area fascinates both the soul and the spirit as you take up stunning winter strolls and snowshoe trips here.


snow covered mountain under blue sky during daytime

Zermatt is a haven for skiers and snowboarders, people who want to have fun besides enjoying the scenic landscape. 

Cord cars paddle skiers up enclosing peaks, giving it among the nicest winter honeymoon spots in Europe. You can enter the town through panoramic caravan routes that attach it to the outer world. When bright, the town turns into a picturesque Christmas envelope that is bound to create your winter vacations in Switzerland more unusual.

The most popular pinnacle in the Alps, the Matterhorn, sits here. Mountaineers swarm to this city to overcome this technically risky peak. If you don’t like to be satisfied with adventure events, you can admire the town’s enthusiastic nightlife instead!


Wish to experience more cold weather in Switzerland? On average Switzerland’s weather in December is cloudy, it receives only 1 hour of sunshine per day. But if you want to experience more thrill, you can visit Arosa, it has snow-capped mountains that draw in hiking fans every year for extended hiking trails. 

In expansion, the city gives an incredible variation of snow recreations and entertainment to help you relinquish snow tricks. It is one of the most gorgeous spots in Switzerland in December where you should wait for a bit. The spot is the residence of the decent ski hotels in Switzerland!

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