Vacation in Boston can be a great option for leisure and knowledge

Located at the mouth of the Charles and Mystic rivers, on the east coast of the United States of America, the capital of Massachusetts surprises for the options it offers to visitors.

  • Boston is considered a passing city, however, to get to know it well, it takes time.
  • The best way to discover it is to walk its streets.
  • So we’ve given you six reasons to vacation in Boston.

A City that brings a magnificent combination of the modern and the contemporary. Having the Boston Best Car Service to get to know all of Boston, considered the birthplace of North American independence, can enrich and broaden your vision of the world. The monuments and statues invite the visitor to delve into the history of this city, founded by the English in the 17th century, in 1630.

With a walking tour of the Freedom Trail, for example, you can discover sixteen historic sites that were instrumental in the American march towards independence.

From this tour, departing from Boston Common Park, the visit to The State House, with its shining golden dome, stands out. It is also possible to visit Faneuil Hall, often called: “the cradle of freedom”.

Boston Vacations – Discover the Parks
  • Visiting the Boston Public Garden is one of the reasons to vacation in Boston
  • No wonder Boston is known as: “The Walking City”, translating: The city to walk.
  • Walking, it is possible to find beautiful parks to fill the eyes with admiration.

For example: The Boston Public Garden, which brings unforgettable experiences to visitors, such as: Sit on one of its benches and admire the beautiful Swan Lake, or relax under its water fountains. If you’re traveling between December and April, you’ll find the lake completely frozen. This is due to the low winter temperatures. Visiting the Municipal Market is one of the reasons to vacation in Boston

City Market, Boston

Spending a vacation in Boston, allows the visitor to taste dishes of its gastronomic culture. Seafood is part of the typical food of this city and, therefore, cannot be refused. The famous Legal Sea Foods restaurant chain has a privileged view of the sea and offers a rich variety of dishes.

In the Boston Public Market, (Mercado Municipal), you can find seafood, such as: Lobster, oyster and fish, among other options. However, if you’re not into sea food, there’s a great place that serves Italian dishes: A Little Italy, in Boston’s North End district. With its tasty oven pizzas, you’ll feel like you’re in Italy.

University city
  • Meeting Harvard is one of the reasons to vacation in Boston
  • Source: Study Abroad
  • Harvard
  • The city of Boston is considered a university hub, with institutions that strive for quality and excellence in teaching..

In this way, they inspire knowledge not only for students, but also for their visitors. Harvard University is a university complex, located in Cambridge; across the river. There, you can visit the university buildings. It’s a beautiful place, with lots of greenery, squares and benches to sit. For lovers of literature, there’s the Harvard Public Library. A place worth visiting is Harvard Square, which has great local bookstores, restaurants, music venues and theatre.

Entertainment Options

Visiting the New England Aquarium with limo car service  is one of the reasons to vacation in Boston. Boston offers entertainment options for the whole family. The Boston Children’s Museum, for example, is great cultural entertainment for children. Another location is the New England Aquarium. Through it, children can learn about marine life. Watching a Broadway musical, classical ballet or symphony orchestra are also worth seeing. As well as comedy clubs, or impromptu theaters.

The sport

Getting to know ice hockey is one of the reasons to vacation in Boston. Another highlight of Boston: The capital of Massachusetts has a tradition that is widespread among Americans: sports teams.

The city is known for winning major sporting titles, such as the Bruins (hockey – NHL), the New England Patriots (American football – NFL), the Celtics (basketball – NBA) and the Red Sox (Baseball – MLB).

If you’re traveling from October to April, you can watch basketball games. On the other hand, if you’re traveling to Boston in the winter, you can see ice hockey. The capital of Massachusetts is full of culture, history, great parks and tasty cuisine. Thus, a vacation in Boston can be a great option for learning and entertainment, whether traveling alone or with friends and family.