Which Dinner Cruise to Choose in Dubai

Dubai is a place of wonders. Record-breaking buildings, as well as massive malls and luxurious automobiles, define Dubai as the dream city. However, the roots of Dubai lie in the old Bedouin tradition from the Arabian Peninsula, in specific the tribes that resided along the Dubai Creek.

The majority of the cultural events from the past can be seen today, taking on an important role in the daily activities of Dubai. Also, the Dhow cruise dinner in dubai are among them.

Are you interested in uniquely exploring Dubai while enjoying a tasty dinner? A dinner cruise is a perfect trip. Enjoy a tasty food or buffet on a traditional wooden showboat or modern glass boats. The impressive Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab are in the magnificent clear skyline of Dubai. If you’re wondering which dinner cruise to take in Dubai and you are looking for a recommendation, here are some of the top Dhow cruises.

  • Bateaux Dinner Cruise-Dubai Creek

A traditional dhow cruise that includes live entertainment is ideal for families and large groups of people. If you’re looking to be more peaceful and more intimate but still want to be a bit more private, opt for a cruise dinner aboard Bateaux Dubai. Bateaux is the true princess of the Creek with gorgeous interiors and a truly fine dining experience which places it separated from other cruises for dinner. This is a great option to enjoy the summer heat since every inch of the vessel is lined with glass.

  • Jameela Dinner Cruise- Dubai Creek

It’s among the oldest versions that you can take part in the Dubai dinner cruise. You will travel along with landmarks that are floodlit like The Grand Mosque and admire Dubai at its most historical. Dubai Creek is a dinner cruise spot that is packed with dhows every evening during the week. They’re vibrant, extravagantly illuminated, and buzzing with activity watching other dhows go by on the Creek can be just as enjoyable as enjoying the view from the shore.

  • Al Wasl Dhow Dinner Cruise-Dubai Marina

If you like the view of sailing across Dubai Marina at night however you’d like to go on the traditional dinner cruise on a dhow, I strength have the answer for you. Al Wasl’s cruise combines the best of Dubai’s most popular dinner cruise with an updated setting. It still offers a lively ambiance, Arabic dance performance as well as a lavish meal buffet, but you can also enjoy the view of skyscrapers as you take in the Marina Promenade apart the way. This is also the least expensive option available.

  • Buffet Cruise-Dubai Water Canal

This is the latest feature of Dubai’s dinner cruises! Dubai Water Canal has opened just two years ago however it was immediately the most sought-after cruise spot due to the amazing landmarks that are on the route. In the Buffet Cruise, you will be able to see the stunning “Imagine” Fountain Show, which is the heart of business in Dubai, the luxurious Al Habtoor City, and the business district that is centrally located, Business Bay. The only one which will allow you to see Burj Khalifa, and get the time to look around Downtown Dubai.

  • Luxury Three-Course Dinner Cruise- Dubai Marina

It is a Luxury 3-course dinner cruise that is 1.5 hours and winds across The Dubai Marina from the starting at Pier 7, near the Dubai Marina Mall. While sailing through the stunning Dubai Marina, you will delight in a delicious 3-course buffet of continental cuisine. Relax to the soothing sounds of acoustic music. While dining, at the restaurant, the Dhow boat cruises by the numerous skyscrapers that line the waters that makeup Dubai Marina. Following the Dubai Marina, the boat travels along into the Arabian Gulf to one of the largest yachts in the world and to the well-known hotel with seven stars, the Burj Al Arab.

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