Why You Should Visit the Dubai Dolphinarium when in Dubai

The Dubai Dolphinarium is an extremely amazing tourist attraction in the UAE. It draws more than 40,000 people every month due to it being an unforgettable day out for all the family to delight in. Take a trip to dubai dolphinarium and you will be sure to have an exciting and fun-filled day. The day will be filled with thrilling performances by seals, dolphins, fascinating bird shows, incredible mazes, and more.

Nestled in the Creek Park, Dubai Dolphinarium gives you the freedom to enjoy a relaxing time with the stunning seals and dolphins. From being a distinct entertainment area for families to being among the most sought-after spots to visit in Dubai this Dolphinarium provides you with an unforgettable experience with this aquatic mammal.

They are trained by professionals to display the brilliance of their abilities and water-based tricks. Don’t be surprised when you see a dolphin singing to tunes or a seal performing with the ball. They’re ready to entertain you to the best of their abilities. Enjoy a relaxing break away from the stress of your daily life and take pleasure in the live performances and stunts of these animals.

Dubai Dolphinarium schedules exclusive shows that showcase live performances of their amazing sea creatures. Therefore, if you’re planning your trip to Dubai Dolphinarium, just make sure you plan it to coincide with the schedule of these shows. To enhance your experience the Dubai Dolphinarium tour gives guests the opportunity of swimming with the dolphins in a special environment.

There are a variety of exotic bird species awaiting their chance to show their tricks and skills to you. The bird show in this venue will really immerse you in the world of birds in which you will be able to interact with the birds of the air so intimately that you’ve not seen them before.

Things To Do In Dubai Dolphinarium

  • Dolphin and Seal Show

It’s an experience that showcases the immense potential and physical and mental strength these animals have. From dancing to diving, jumping, and having fun with the ball, the dolphin and seal shows will make you smile. Evening shows include an amazing show prior to the actual seal and dolphin show.

  • Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

It is said that the Creek Park is home to more than 20 species of birds and parrots as well as the only bird-themed show in Dubai which is why it’s a must to see. The experience is awe-inspiring and will impress you with the way birds fly by your head and do tricks. A few of the species of birds that are at the Dolphinarium include Green Winged Macaws, Eclectus parrots, and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

  • Swimming with dolphins

Yes! You can swim and interact with dolphins at this location. It’s an amazing experience and a once-in-a-lifetime chance of swimming with the wonderful creatures. The entire experience is under the supervision of trained experts.

  • Take a picture with dolphins

Did we mention that you could take a selfie with cute bottlenose dolphins? These gentle mammals will pose for a selfie, and then click photos alongside.

  • Train as an instructor for three hours

If you’re a lover of these magnificent creatures, this is the ideal opportunity for you. You will be able to spend time with an instructor for dolphins and guide the dolphins. Additionally, you have the opportunity to know more about their diet as well as their eating habits and routines of daily life.

  • The 5D/7D Cinematic Experience

This cinematic experience is unique. It blends the visual impact with the immersive experience of 3D cinemas that lets you view the film but also lets you experience it and feel part of it while you walk in and shoot at targets.

  • Enjoy the Mirror Maze

Mirror Maze is one of the most difficult puzzles found in Dubai which will definitely provide you with a thrilling experience. You must traverse an intricate maze of mirrors before finding the way out by making use of the senses of touch.

  • Comfortable Facilities

At the Dubai Dolphinarium, you get to experience the marine-themed classrooms and gyms for kids, restrooms, and multimedia library. The entire facility is specifically designed to ensure the satisfaction of the visitors.


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