How to Properly Store Your RV

Do you plan on becoming one of the 11.2 million Americans who own an RV?

While buying a new RV unlocks the possibility for all types of fun adventures, these vehicles are no small investment. To be a responsible RV owner, you’ll have to understand how to maintain your vehicle to get the most out of its lifespan.

A major element of RV maintenance is finding proper storage space for whenever you won’t be using it. Keep reading to learn 5 tips on RV storage that will keep everything running beautifully for years to come.

1. Opt for Indoor Storage Solutions

Out of all the self-storage options out there, nothing beats parking your RV indoors in a climate-controlled space. The reason why this is the best trailer storage is that you’ll have the best protection against the elements that can wreak havoc on your RV.

If you need to keep your RV in an outdoor setting, then a durable cover is a must-have purchase.

2. Take Food Out of Your RV

It’s always good to get into the habit of walking through your entire RV and removing any food that you see. Leaving it inside your stored RV could invite pests to infest your vehicle.

Taking the time to take out food will also ensure that bad odors and mold can’t lower the indoor air quality.

3. Drain Your Pipes

People who live in cooler climates know how important winterizing their homes is and this same sentiment applies to your RV. Draining your pipes will protect them against freezing and causing expensive repairs.

For extra coverage, you can even pour some antifreeze into the pipes in case you can’t drain everything fully.

4. Put Your RV on Blocks

RVs are heavy, which can put a lot of strain on the tires if it stays put in the same place for too long. This is why many RV owners put their RV up on blocks to help alleviate the weight the tires take.

You also have the option of taking your RV for a quick spin every couple of months to make sure everything is running well.

5. Do a Deep Internal and External Clean

The next time you take your RV out of storage is when you’ll go on another nice trip. To make life easier for yourself during this stressful planning process, you should do a deep internal and external clean of your RV so you’ll have less to worry about in the future.

You Should Never Overlook the Value of RV Storage

Vehicle maintenance is important no matter what you’re driving, but it’s especially valuable for expensive options like RVs. If you follow these RV storage tips, then you can park your vehicle with confidence no matter how often you use it.

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