Travel to Australia: choosing the right visa and How to get it?

For many Canadian, going to Australia has become a goal, not only for an exotic vacation but also to look for a new job. However, it is a very restrictive country towards those who want to enter, both from the point of view of what you can bring with you in your suitcase and as regards the documents necessary to make the trip. In fact, there are many types of visas, which differ from each other according to the kind of stay you want to have in this country and which present the relative costs and difficulties of obtaining them. After having told you about my experience in the land of kangaroos, here is a short guide that could help you choose the right one according to your needs.

The times and costs of a visa

As anticipated, there are different types of visas that allow you to enter Australia, which must be chosen based on the activities you intend to carry out within the country and provide for very different release times and costs. Fortunately, the procedures to apply for a visa for Australia can be done online on sites such as Au visa, allowing you to complete the procedures from home without further lengthening the time. But let’s go into detail: to obtain tourist visas and Working Holidays, the most requested ones, generally only 24 hours are enough, but they have important price differences: the Working Holiday has a cost of 485 Australian dollars, while the tourist is free. On the other hand, to obtain a visa that allows you to study in this country, it can take up to a month and costs 620 Australian dollars, while finally, when it comes to visas for activities and companies, the wait for approval can be longer.
The tourist visa

Since 2016, the visa for Australia is compulsorily requested online by entering your data and passport number. Therefore, if the choice of visa depends on one’s own purposes, which may be tourism, study or work, for those who only have the desire to travel around Australia, a tourist visa is enough. If you want to study instead you need a Student Visa, or a Work Holiday that also allows you to work. If the goal is only to work then you have to ask for the Sponsor Visa and the Skilled Visa, which are more difficult to obtain.

The Working Holiday:

The Working Holiday is a visa that allows you to take a vacation for work in Australia but is limited to those between 18 and 31 years of age and who are citizens of a very specific list of countries, which fortunately also includes Italy . It lasts 12 months and allows you to study and work to support yourself, with the only limitation that the employer cannot be the same for more than six months. This visa can be extended for another year, but only if you have worked a minimum of 88 days at one of the farms listed on the government’s list.

Student visa:

If you want to enter Australia to study and support yourself with some casual work then you need to apply for a Student Visa. Unlike what we have seen previously, in this case it is necessary to register before applying for a course in Australia, and therefore wait for the registration to be confirmed. It is possible to enroll in English language courses, an introduction to a profession or a university course. The duration of the visa is determined by the length of the course and you can only work for 40 hours every 15 days.

The work Visa:

The best choice for those who want to start building a new life in this country is to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, which allows you to work for six months in the same company making yourself known and making your first contacts with the Australian working world. Once it has expired, it is possible to try to apply for the Sponsor Visa, but it is one of the most complex types of visas to obtain and for which it is necessary to meet several very restrictive requirements, such as being able to have a company willing to offer a contract that vary from two to four years. Finally, the next goal is to obtain a Skilled Independent Visa, which is a permanent visa.

Whether you want to enjoy a vacation, a study holiday or change your life, Australia certainly has a series of visas that meet every need: be careful not to lie and necessarily ask for the one that best suits your needs.