How Fast Can Electric Skateboards Go

An electric longboard is a commuting device that helps you to reach from one place to another without burning calories or fuel. If you get an electric skateboard, it will give you a fun tilled and thrilling experience that is one of a kind. Some invest in a good quality electric skateboard for leisure, other just need it as a transportation device. In either ways we wonder, how fast can electric skateboards go?

Electric skateboards are fun rides that are well known for their efficiency. People who prefer having a portable option that is fast and accessible at all times, an electric skateboard is a great option for them.

The minimum speed an electric skateboard can get is 25mph. there are so many models and variations in electric skateboards. Some are more efficient than others. On an average, electric skateboards can speed up to 18 to 28 mph that is around 29 – 45 km/h. In the market a few available models of electric skateboards can even surpass the 40 mph mark when speaking of speed of an electric skateboards.

Factors that Contribute to Speed of Electric Skateboards

There are many factors that determine the top speed of an electric skateboard. These can be the model, power of the motor, weight of the rider, the path or terrain you follow, the wheel size and many other attributes.

1. Motor Power

A skateboard relies on the power of its motor to go fast. The more power of the motor of your electric skateboard, means it will go faster.

2. Battery power output and controller

The battery supplies power to the motor. If your electric skateboard has a powerful motor installed it will require a powerful battery as well.

3. Remote controller settings

The speed of an electric skateboard is controlled by a remotely controlling device. They have varying speed settings. These govern how fast of slow your electric skateboard will go.

4. Wheel size

Wheel size and wheel types are also an important factor when talking about speed of an electric skateboard. The bigger the wheels of the electric skateboard means the speed will be faster as compared to the models that haves wheels with smaller diameter.

5. Riders Weight

Experts say that the person riding the electric skateboard has a certain body weight that affects the speed of the skateboard. The heavier the rider means the more load on the board and its motor. As a result, the speed will decrease over time.

6. Terrain and weather conditions

The route you follow to work or the place you play with your electric skateboard in your free time determines the speed of it as well. The manufacture states the ideal speed of any particular model. It does not mean that they include rainy or snowy day.

Can I Go faster?

If you have a skateboard by are not satisfied with its speed and performance. You can upsize your favorite electric skateboard with a few methods that are guaranteed to give you an increase in speed thus satisfying your speed thrill.

  1. An increased battery voltage will supply the motor with more power. If you switch to a 10s battery instead of a 6s battery. It will increase the speed of your electric skateboard from 16-18mph to a speed of 20-25mph.
  2. You can increase the diameter of your electric skateboard wheels. It is an efficient and low cost method to increase the speed of your skateboard. The larger its wheels, the faster your electric skateboard will go.
  3. In order to increase the speed of your current electric skateboard, you can also increase the motors size or add another motor to your skateboard. The second motor will give more power to run your electric skateboard and thus increasing its speed.
  4. Loosen the nuts of your electric skateboard’s
  5. You should clean up and apply lubricant to your bearings to reduce friction and decrease in speed.
  6. After some time of use, the bearings of your electric skateboard get wore off. You can upgrade them to get an upgrade in speed.
  7. Improve your riding style. Applying too many brakes and reducing speed when taking turns can take edge off the riding experience.
Final Words

No matter how tempting the idea of going with too much speed seems, you must remember to abide by the local speed limit set by the law enforcing agencies in your area. Do not go over the designated permitted speed. Take necessary precautions of riding an electric skateboard like wearing protective gear to protect yourself in case of a mishap.

Stay safe and have a great time riding your electric skateboard.