How to Find the Best Golf Club for Your Needs

Golf. It is a sport that requires a lot of patience and a lot of discipline because you are playing against yourself.

It has all sorts of equipment but the main thing you need as a golfer is a good set of golf clubs. For more experienced golfers, this is not always easy, as you can only have 14 golf clubs in your bag.

So, if you are just starting out, you may wonder what the best golf club is for you to use. Well, this is your guide.

Essential Golf Clubs

With 14 to choose from, beginners need to know where to start and veterans need to figure out how to narrow their options down. These are the golf clubs that every golfer from beginner to veteran should have in their golf bag.


If you want to get any type of distance on your swing, then a driver is what you are looking for. A driver stands out from the crowd because it is usually the biggest club on the rack.

The head of the club will be the biggest, there will be a minimal loft, and the shaft will likely be longer than any other normal club.

This is usually the club that golfers will use on the tee of a hole for Par 4 or Par 5 situations.

Once you find one, you may even end up needing a rangefinder. See the review for a couple of those here.


Another important club in your set, the putter is the one you will use once you get your ball to the green and want to sink it in the hole.

This club puts a lot of emphasis on accuracy because you are usually hitting a ball from the shortest distance with this club but also with a lot smaller target.

Putters vary in length but generally, the shorter the shaft, the more freedom you have with it. However, that does increase the risk of inaccurate putts, especially for beginners.

Some veterans like to use something called a “belly putter”, which can be the perfect golf club for accuracy because it is supposed to reduce your freedom of movement but once the discipline is there, increase your accuracy.

Iron Clubs

These types of golf clubs can take up half of your golf bag.

Why? Because commonly, there are up to eight different types of iron clubs that you can use, ranging from a 2-iron up to a 9-iron.

With these, what you use varies depending on what you are looking for. Generally, a lower iron such as a 2-iron is designed for you to have more distance on your shots but it will not go as high in the air.

Then, the higher irons such as a 9-iron will not get you as much distance but it is good if you need to hit a ball high in the air to get it over an obstacle.

Generally, you will want at least six-iron clubs in your bag.

Find the Best Golf Club

These are just some of the golfing tips available to find the best golf club for you. Of course, there are many more golf clubs available, but the ones above will help get you started.

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