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54 billion Indian rupees That’s what the fantasy sports app market is expected to reach by 2025 as per Statista

If you are an entrepreneur seeking a venture that offers the maximum return on every penny that you invest, then fantasy app development may be your best choice. 

However, creating a fantasy league app is not going to be a simple task especially for those who come from non-technical backgrounds. As there is a glut of fantasy sports applications available on the market, you need to put in extra effort to remain in the lead.

As part of this blog, we are going to show you some of the most essential features of fantasy game app development that can help you to stand out from the crowd. 

Must-Have Features to Entertain While Considering Fantasy App Development

Features to Entertain While Considering Fantasy App Development

The success of fantasy sports application development greatly depends upon the features you integrate with your app.  Additionally, the cost of fantasy sports app development will be impacted by the features you integrate with the application. Therefore it would be in your great interest to have some knowledge of must-have features.  

So let’s stop waiting and start explaining to you the features one by one.

User Panel Features

Landing Page

As the name suggests, this is the first page of your application your target audience is going to notice about you. Here on this page, we advise you to display some lucrative winning opportunities or welcome bonuses to inspire the visitors to sign in to your application. 

User Registration

It is one of the most basic features that any application should have, and fantasy league applications are no exception. You can either offer your users to register using their email or social media account. To keep the registration process you can either offer them to register using the phone number.


The registered users will be able to view all the events whether it belongs to football, baseball, cricket, tennis, or any other sport. The user can choose the sports and events on which to bet.

Blockchain for Secure Payment Processing

Since fantasy applications deal with money, integrating the blockchain as the foundation of the payment gateway will bring confidence in your users to deposit and withdraw money from your application. 

Fiat or Cryptocurrency Payment Options

Let your users choose the preferred mode of payment between fiat and cryptocurrency payment mode. It will appeal to people who want to make transactions on your fantasy application but also want to keep their identity private.

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Choice of Players and Capital

The users should be able to draft the team of their favorite players and sports team members to ensure they win the maximum. 

Profile Management

The user can manage their profile according to their preferences. 

Admin Panel Features

Admin Registration

Registration is also a must for the admin to ensure the security of the game fantasy game applications. 

Admin Dashboard

The login to the admin will lead to a dashboard where the admin can explore all the information of the players, the match they have played, total earning and so much other information that the admin needs to take full control of the fantasy sports application.

User Management

The admin can view all the registered users. Admin also has full control over the users. If any user is found to be violating the terms and conditions of the fantasy sports application then the admin can remove the access of the user from the application,

Event Management
The admin can view, edit, add or remove the events from the fantasy cricket team software. 

Earning Management

The admin can view the total amount of earnings made using the fantasy league application. 

Payment Management

Payment methods can be added or removed from the app by the admin in order to keep the application secure or allow users more freedom of making payments using their preferred mode of payment.

Managing Rewards

The admin can decide what rewards will be offered to the participants to keep them engaged with the application. 

Managing Withdrawal Request

The admin also has control over the withdrawal request of the participants. It’s the admin who can either accept or deny the withdrawal request of the users. 


So, these were a list of a few of the most essential features that needed to be included with your fantasy sports application for Android and iOs. 

In order to learn more about the features, you should speak with a fantasy app development company.

There are countless fantasy app development companies out there; choose one that best suits your needs and is staffed by a team of fantasy app developers with years of experience. In addition to the experience of the fantasy app developer, you should also pay attention to their access to the technology. 

A fantasy sports app development company with experienced developers and access to the latest technologies will more likely lead your project to success.