The best tips for catching Salmon

Salmon is one of the most desired fish to catch by fishermen all around the world. However, to do so, visiting a fishing tackle shop and purchasing some of the latest gear won’t do the trick by itself.

If it would be so easy, salmon wouldn’t be such a special fish to catch since all fishermen would be catching it quite easily. Many people who fish either for sport or a hobby, will describe it as a ferocious and smart type of fish that doesn’t just go any type of lure.

Since fishing for them is quite tricky and troublesome for any, in this article I will be talking about the best tips that you can use for catching salmon.

Here’s to your next big catch!

Being well prepared beforehand

Even the slightest mistakes might mean that we will lose our valued catch in no time. Make sure that you have your rod, line, rig and bait right where it should be. Also, be certain that is all in the places that it should be when it comes time to fish, as well as tied and safely secured.  

Make sure your hooks are sharp

Salmon are known as one of the strongest breeds of fish, and one sturdy body part is their jawline. If your hooks are not sharp enough, successfully catching them might be an even more trickier process. Sharps hooks increase your chances of success dramatically.

Choose the proper bait

If you don’t want to spend much money on a specific type of bait, the basic thing you can use is any type of fish roe as your bait. However, there are many other options for fishermen these days.

Many these days something called cut bait, which is basically fish strips, usually of herring or something similar. There are some artificial options as well. Spoons are used a means to mimic the movement of fish, which tricks the salmon into attacking.

Flashiness helps in this case

A small flashy object can make a lot of difference when fishing for salmon. Since these fish prefer spending their time in dark waters, a small, yet brighter object will definitely attract attention from them.

Using a red line

It’s scientifically proven that colors dissipate as soon as they hit the water. The color red dissipates quickly at around 5 meters. Since your line will be hidden, this will make for much more effective disguise than otherwise and will make your bait look more natural.

Darker weather is your friend

Continuing with the same idea that salmon enjoy conditions of low light, overcast weather is the perfect time to take up a salmon fishing trip. If the days are clear, dawn and dusk might be viable solutions as well. Midday fishing will likely result in failure, since salmon will be able to see much easier.

Exercise drift fishing if you’re on a river

On moving water like a river or current, you’ll have to adjust your fishing technique slightly, in order to increase your chances of success. This type of technique utilizes the current and allows your bait to float from upstream, down to the area where the salmon fish are.

Again, this is done in order to make your bait seem more natural and realistic for the fish, since salmon are much smarter than other fish breeds.

Tide is your friend

While fishing in open waters, you should fish in accordance with the flow of the water, not resisting it. Since the salmon will be facing the incoming water, there’s much a greater chance that they will see the bait that you’ve prepared for them.

All in all

In this article, I’ve given my take on the best tips for catching salmon. These fish are quite smart and strong, which is why catching them might be tricky for less experienced fishers. Patience and preparation is key, however, knowing a few things to know beforehand certainly helps.

I’m certain that by utilizing these tips you will successfully catch salmon in no time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re plan on taking in a new hobby in your time or planning to impress your family with a tasty fish dinner, catching salmon will be very fun if you know what you’re doing. 

Good luck!