15 Reasons your Facebook Account may be Suspended/Disabled

Facebook is a very popular networking site that allows people to connect with their friends. However, a lot of times people complain about their Facebook account getting suspended or disabled. Facebook uses this measure to keep a check on its users and maintain their privacy and safety of them. 

So, if you are someone who is wondering why your Facebook account has been suspended or disabled then, do not worry as we are going to tell you about the major reasons why you are seeing a suspended Facebook account.

Reasons Why your Facebook Account is Suspended/Disabled
  • Using a False Identity

This particular reason is the most common one why Facebook accounts are suspend. If you have a fake name on your Facebook profile Facebook will suspend you.

  • Too Many Posts on Walls

If you are commenting and posting on different walls or groups too fast and in rapid succession then, Facebook might disable your account as it goes against the Facebook community.

  • Sending too Many Friend Requests

Sometimes sending too many requests can also lead your account to be suspended. Facebook has given a limit of Friend requests to b sent in a day.

  • Uploading Offensive Pictures 

This is something that Facebook never takes lightly. If your account indulges in posting too many offensive and wrong photos and videos then, you will see a disabled Facebook account.

  • Spamming your Account too Much

Spamming will lead to a ban n any social media platform just like Facebook does. Facebook’s AI puts a suspension on those accounts that are sending duplicate messages as spam. 

  • Using Poking too Much

Not sure if you know this or not but poking can lead to trouble. So we recommend that you do not poke or make fun of other account holders.

  • If your Account is a Potential risk

If there is a virus or malware associate with your account that can cause trouble to other Facebook accounts then, Facebook will disable your account to not spread that virus.

  • Liking too Many Pages

Facebook has a limit of a number of pages that you can like in one day and if you are ignoring these limits then, Facebook will suspend your account before it causes any other problem.

  • Suspicious Payment Activities

If you are paying for something on Facebook with a credit card holding another name, then Facebook bots will disable your account on the basis of Suspicious payment.

  • Affiliation with a Doubtful Page

Do not join any extremist group or page on Facebook as you will not be able to recover suspended Facebook account after this. 

  • Using more than one Account

Facebook delete duplicate accounts so, if you have more than one then that can be a reason for your suspension.

  • Entering a wrong DOB

Having a wrong Date of Birth is like inviting Facebook to suspend your account because it is not acceptable. 

  • Uploading Copyrighted Content

You cannot post any copyrighted content on Facebook and not face the suspension of the application. 

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