5 Gift Giving Ideas for Any Occasion

It’s never too early to start preparing gifts. Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or the upcoming holiday season, taking the time to think about your gift giving ideas will help you make great decisions for the people in your life.

But what should you do when you’re shopping for someone you don’t know well, or when you’re trying to find the right gift for a notoriously picky loved one?

Keep reading below for our gift giving guide. These five tips will help you find exactly the right thing for every person on your list!

1. Prepare With a Questionnaire

If you’re wondering how to personalize a gift for someone you don’t know very well, you can get ideas with a secret Santa questionnaire. These simple forms are great for office gift exchanges. They allow each person to list things that they like, items that they’d like to receive, and other interests that might help you come up with personalized gift giving ideas.

2. Go For a Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are one of the most foolproof ways of gift giving. They let the lucky recipient do all the work! Although they’re not as personalized as a hand-picked present, these are a wonderful option when you’re dealing with someone who you don’t know well or who is hard to shop for.

3. Delight With DIY

It’s hard to beat the sentimental value of a hand-crafted present. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just getting started with DIY projects, there are many different ways to create a simple but significant gift.

Personalized clothing items are an easy and practical DIY gift. You can use fabric markers, fabric paint, or a Trodat clothing stamp to put your own touch on a shirt, a pair of pants, or any other clothing item you wish.

4. Choose a Gift that Keeps on Giving

If you have an idea of what the person you’re shopping for likes, consider buying them a subscription service or a subscription box. This is a wonderful way to provide them with a valuable gift that they can enjoy all year round!

For a music lover, a subscription to a music streaming service will be much appreciated. For the film buff in your life, consider purchasing an account on a streaming site or a membership to a local movie theater. If you have a makeup junkie in your life, they might appreciate a monthly makeup box subscription.

5. Treat Them With an Experience

No one wants to receive a small trinket that they’ll never use. And giving a subpar present when you’re out of gift ideas never feels great. If you can’t find the right present for someone, consider gifting them an experience instead of an item.

This idea requires that you know a little about the person you’re shopping for. But as long as you know a few of their interests, you can prepare a great and memorable outing for them. Some common experience-focused gift ideas include horseback rides, wine tasting tours, spa treatments, and concert tickets.

Foolproof Gift Giving Ideas

With the gift giving ideas in this article, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect present for your friends, coworkers, and family members. Make the holidays even more memorable by hitting it out of the park with every one of your gifts!

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