Ai Based Video Analytics To Play A Key Role In Post Pandemic Remote Workforce Management

AI for Video Analytics has made remarkable progress in introducing advanced and efficient solutions that can replace traditional biometrics systems. This includes employee attendance which is often a tedious task for large enterprises.

The technology was often used by critical sectors to identify employees’ faces or use finger punch. This was before Covid-19 intervened and disrupted the process with customized applications. However, finger punch was avoided due to the pandemic. Additionally, face masks are now a standard feature. Most applications cannot be used to process biometric entries remotely.

Facial Identification Frameworks are not suitable for obtaining video analytics. It is difficult to complete the verification process because of the mask use, which is used to draw facial specifications such as jawline, nose, and lips. ACSG Corp is a specialist in critical infrastructure protection. They identified the gaps faced by critical organizations and developed a software platform to fill them.

The framework can still extract video analytics from faces without masks. It is one of few companies that can validate facial specifications without a mask. Analyses are made by studying facial alignment, head pose estimation and blink detection. This framework is built using deep neural networks that can detect facial landmarks and work on a real-time basis.