AI-enabled ITSM Enterprise tools for NOC Managers

ITSM Enterprise tools that use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies helpful for NOC Managers

With Artificial Intelligence increasingly incorporated into ITSM products, IT staff can be augmented, service complaints can be reduced and users can be more self-sufficient. Although these features may sound similar across tools, ITSM products that support them come from a wide range of vendors, ranging from traditional to emerging providers.

  1. BigPanda

Product name: BigPanda

The first tool in this ITSM tool comparison is BigPanda, a SaaS offering that provides reporting and a consolidated view of an IT environment to assist with incident and problem management. To enable noise reduction, correlation, and root cause analysis, BigPanda normalizes and enriches IT alerts with relevant metadata and enrichment data from existing configuration management databases, topologies, change management systems, and other tools.

Machine learning developed by BigPanda is called Open Box Machine Learning (OBML), which uses “plain English” logic. Support teams can add tribal knowledge, develop and edit workflows, and run experiments with OBML.

In addition to its built-in OOB and ad hoc reports, BigPanda integrates with data warehouses and business intelligence tools to provide dashboard reports to IT executives, network operations center (NOC) managers, and service owners. Integrating nonstandard tools into BigPanda is made possible by its REST API and integration hub, which provide integrations with several ITSM tools.

  • Licensing is on a per-node basis.
  • Enterprises in North America or the U.K. with a centralized NOC or IT operations center that manages more than 2,000 nodes are the target market.
  • BigPanda does not offer a free trial period, but proof-of-concept engagements are available at little or no charge.
  1. BMC Software

Product name: Helix

In this context, BMC Helix is a cognitive service management solution that provides omnichannel discovery, service, and delivery proactively and predictably. The suite includes tools such as:

Helix ITSM provides proactive incident management by auto-classifying, allocating, and routing incidents. In addition to incident management and change management capabilities, the solution incorporates multi-cloud capabilities.

The Helix Digital Workplace platform provides omnichannel conversational experiences beyond the various bots, all within one console.

In multi-cloud and on-premises environments, Helix Discovery discovers and measures assets and services.

Using NLP, natural language generation, and natural language understanding, Helix Chatbot provides conversational AI capabilities with tone and sentiment analysis.

With Helix Workflows, IT and other lines of business, including HR, procurement, and facilities, can have workflows designed.

The Helix platform is available as a cloud-based or a hybrid solution. Helix can be integrated with other IT tools via REST APIs.

  • Based on the chosen platforms, licensing options are flexible.
  • This product is aimed at enterprises.
  • Trial versions of all products are available.
  1. Espressive Inc.

Product name: Barista

The Barista is a virtual assistant designed to bring consumer virtual assistants to the workplace. We deploy new code every three weeks with Barista, a SaaS application. Espressive calls this tool the Employee Language Cloud, which is a crowdsourced repository of over 15 million employee phrases across 4,000 topics, including IT, HR, legal, finance, and sales. There is no requirement for knowledge bases and portals.

Help desk agents and users verify the correctness of the answer each time they answer a question. The Employee Language Cloud includes new phrases, topics, and synonyms as Barista learns them — excluding help desk interactions or responses from employees, neither of which are shareable. Whenever a Barista is unable to answer a question or resolve an issue, it uses machine learning to determine the appropriate resource for an answer, brings that resource into the conversation, and learns from that answer.

Espressive provides Barista Awareness Campaigns to help organizations maximize awareness and drive adoption. Organizations can pick the campaign that best fits the culture of their particular enterprise.

By supporting omnichannel communications, Barista can intercept employee questions through multiple channels, including phone, email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and QR codes. Its elastic architecture ensures employees receive responses within three seconds, regardless of demand.

  • Licensing is done per user, on an annual basis.
  • Those organizations with employees over 1,000 or large enough to use an ITSM and help desk tool are the target market.
  • Neither Expressive nor its competitors disclose whether they offer a free trial.

As technology evolves, stay up-to-date

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Companies in the cybersecurity and NOC sectors are now turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform vulnerability scanning and threat detection, which is faster and more efficient than manual inspection.

You can detect malicious activity and uncover vulnerabilities with greater accuracy by engaging the services of cybersecurity specialists, who are continually evolving with technology.

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