Best Motherboard for i9 9000k Updated Review 2021

If you are making the center of the i9 9900k’s ​​powerful play device and you are looking for the simplest motherboard for your i9 9900k, this guide is for you. The new Intel Core i9-9900k features a troublesome installation within the main processor market. Intel has actually brought AMD Ryzen serious competition over its forerunner, the 8900K. it’s the foremost anticipated processor so far and has achieved this goal. The Intel i9 9900k processor could be a powerful processor with eight cores and sixteen threads that may increase the clock speed to five.0 GHz. The Intel best motherboard for i9 9900k could be a powerful processor and needs a robust motherboard. For best performance, you wish a motherboard supported a decent z390 chipset. There ar several Z390 motherboards on the market, as well as ASUS, MSI, computer memory unit and as rock. Thus, finding the simplest isn’t simple.

In this post, we’ve designated the highest eight Z390 motherboards that ar best fitted to the i9 9900k processor. we’ve designated i9 9900k motherboards from the foremost well-liked brands computer memory unit, Asus and MSI.

Gigabyte Aorus Master

If you’re ever looking for a gigabyte motherboard for the I9 9900k, I’ll have a gigabyte Aorus master first. Thanks to the powerful IR 12 + 2 phase digital VRM device. Gigabytes are very effective and add 30% better thermal design to more powerful hot water. For this purpose, the Z390 Aorus Master has a fin-coil cooling coil that communicates directly with the hot tub and hot plate, which is very useful for professionals, accelerators and computer enthusiasts. The other ports of the device are well protected by a protective shell. Integrated input, output protection, memory protection, PCI protection, rear plane, etc. The lower circuit is used for powerful platforms. Innovative thermal solutions have been added to keep the M.2 SSD durable. Triple thermal protection M.2 conducts heat and heats the SSD and short circuit.


  • The circuit board incorporates Intel’s next-generation wireless technology, 802.11ac Wave 2. You can get speeds of up to 1.73 Gbps, making it ideal for transmissions and gaming.
  • There is an optional USB turbo charger in the main circuit. The USB Front is a 3.0A port that allows Android and Apple devices to charge faster.

The sound quality difference of the Aorus Master is the ESS SABER ES9118 HiFi Soc, which has the latest real tech ALC1220 VB encoder and excellent sound and ambient sound replication. In addition, WIMA and Nichicon Fine-Gold capacitors are used to enhance and enhance your experience.


Overall, the Gigabyte Aorus Master is the best base chip for the i9 9900k processor. The high acceleration features and functions offered to users are unlimited. If you can use a standard LAN, this tool will change your overall user experience. On top of all this, the RGB Fusion Light motherboard project looks good. RGB LEDs and RGB tapes capture the image.

Best Budget Gigabyte Aorus Ultra

Another unique GIGABYTE card is the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra. The Z390 Aorus Ultra is the best Intel i9 9900k motherboard after the Aorus MASTER on GIGABYTE motherboards. The price may be lower than the Aorus MASTER, but the process is the same. This motherboard has many unique features. Like the Aorus Master, the Z390 Aorus Ultra is designed for the same performance. It has a heating system with many cooling technologies connected directly to the heating pipe. In addition, the heating elements increase the cooling capacity of the MOSFET cooling element. This feature is required by most gamers and professionals and is only available in this series of articles. The wireless WI-FI module offers speeds of up to 1.73 Gbps, allowing you to stream videos and play high-quality games.

This motherboard works on a 12 + 1 VRM model and works well on both the motherboard and the Intel i9 9900k chipset. The digital controller is built using PWM controller and DrMOS software. 5 Smart Fan technology has multiple temperature sensors to keep the panel temperature stable. Smart Fan 5 allows users to change fan heads and adjust the temperature every second, allowing the temperature button to be seen in most cases. This motherboard does not have a USB port. The USB front has a 3.1 GEN Type C. head. They have a strong protective coating. The only problem with this card is the old BIOS, the Gigabyte UEFI BIOS browser has a driver, but it should not be advanced on the motherboard. If you do not know the BIOS standards, that is a problem.

The Aorus ultra motherboard uses full RGB RGB to paint using the RGB controller, so the motherboard paint can be painted in clear colors. Three M.2 thermal Shields on the motherboard prevent the M.2 SSD from melting and compressing. The ALC 1220-VB is used to improve the front and rear audio systems without compromising sound quality.


If you are not a serious gamer and do not need a fast overload feature, this motherboard is for you. In terms of high stability, performance and even more powerful VRM, this is the best motherboard among the low cost i9 9900k.


  • Proper radiator
  • Stable VRM
  • RGB light
  • The sound quality is better
  • WI-FI is installed immediately


  • Old BIOS
  • No USB turbocharger