Cell Phone Issues That Fix by Yourself

Are you interested to know cell phone issues that you can fix easily? Using this palm-sized device, we can digitally connect with people all over the world. Our cell phone’s battery performance deteriorates over time. This is a fairly common problem among cell phone users. There are various reasons, some of which are technological and others of which are due to human error. Despite the fact that these technologies are expensive, they enable us to complete all of our daily tasks as employees or professionals. It has fallen many times got minor scratches, but if it falls from a great height or into water. It will be severely damaged. If you take the appropriate steps in this situation, you may avoid Samsung phone repair. Before considering a Samsung s8 plus screen replacement, carefully read all of the tips to ensure that you get the best results.

This article will teach you how to fix cell phone issues on your own. Let’s dive into the detail.  

  1. Flickering or Shaking Phone Screen: 

When your phone’s storage is full, you’ll need more space to run the app. There is a setting problem as a result of incorrect settings or by mistake while conducting research. Phone companies release new updates on a regular basis, so if you don’t upgrade your phone. You’ll encounter compatibility issues in the future and your Samsung a70 screen will begin to shake. Your phone then hangs up and does not properly respond. 


 Many of our phone’s problems were resolved by simply restarting it. If we ignore a new version in the future, there may be compatibility issues, and after updating, your device may require some time to adjust to its new surroundings, which will take time. After lowering your transparency settings in Settings > Accessibility > Lower Transparency, restart your phone.

Keep the Area Clear Because we use all of the files, high-resolution photos, videos, and programs as needed these days, we often overlook the space that cannot be increased unless we use an external storage card. All of this information causes our Smartphones to freeze, no applications to run properly, the screen to flicker, and your phone to refuse to respond to any commands. 

  1. Water Damaged Phone:

After all, this high-tech equipment is expensive, and if something goes wrong with it, you will be unable to use it. It is less likely that your phone will be recovered if it is submerged in water for an extended period of time. This post is for you if you find yourself in this situation. We’ll show you how to identify and fix problems on your own.


If your warranty period has expired, remove any mobile parts as soon as possible. Remove the back cover, which will aid in the rapid drying of your water-damaged phone. The drying of your mobile’s exterior is aided by the use of a cloth. It is critical to get rid of all excess water. If you apply too much pressure to the water to dry it out, you’ll end up with a sloppy mess. 

Water can be removed from phone ports such as charging, headphone jack, speaker, and others using a vacuum cleaner. Put your phone in a container with uncooked rice. 

As part of the troubleshooting process, place your phone in an uncooked, completely closed rice bag or container for two days. Stay calm and patient for two days after putting your phone in a rice bag. After two days, plug it in to charge for a short period of time.

  1. Broken cell phone screen: 

If your screen is slightly cracked, do not ignore it because it will quickly cover your entire screen, and you may end up spending a lot of money to save a little money. A broken screen may cause discomfort to your face while taking calls. It is possible that glass shards will penetrate your skin. The fragmented pieces cause a bleed in your finger when used.

After a period of breakage, your phone screen may not respond when you offer a command by pressing your finger. Our phones’ screens are an essential component of our devices. If our phone is broken, it does not look good. Over time, dirt accumulates in the broken region, and your screen may cease to respond to your commands.


Examine the extent of your cell phone’s damage. On occasion, there are minor scratches, or they may be struck by a corner, resulting in complete screen damage. Before deciding whether to repair the screen yourself or have it repaired by a professional, you must inspect all layers of the screen. If the damage is minor, a screen protector glass guard can be used to keep it from getting worse.

Because you won’t know how much damage has been done until your data is lost, you should back up all of your important images, movies, files, and account login information. 

  1. Marks Left when Eating while Using your Phone:

Many people have the habit of watching videos or talking on their phones while eating, but this is bad for your device. If you do this, the beauty of your phone will deteriorate over time, and dirty marks on the screen will appear. If you leave your Smartphone in a hostile environment for a short period of time, it will leave a mark on the screen and body.


Place your phone on a book, mat, paper, or any other smooth surface to keep it safe. Try to avoid using your favorite gadget while eating. 

  1. Minor Scratches on the Phone’s Screen:

 Many people keep their Smartphones in their purses or pockets, along with coins, keys, and other sharp objects. When any of these sharp objects come into contact with your Smartphone’s screen, they scratch it. They can cause significant damage to the screen at times. If you want your smartphone to last, don’t put it in a pocket with a sharp object.


If you don’t have a protective case, your phone’s screen or screen guard may crack due to an accident or by mistake. You can resolve it yourself if you use this type of protective case. If you handle your phone carelessly, the screen will be destroyed in the future, and I may injure your cheek when taking calls. If this occurs, you will require a Samsung s8 plus screen replacement from a service provider.

  1. Battery Problems: 

We can’t do anything digital without a charged battery, including browsing the internet, making phone calls, taking photos, and so on.


  • Calibration: 

During the calibration process, you must completely drain your cell phone’s battery. Turn it on with whatever battery is left and let it shut down on its own. Connect the charger to your cell phone while it is turned off. Allow it to fully charge. When it is fully charged, turn it on and restart it with new settings. This should improve the performance of your cell phone.

  • Jumpstarting: 

This method is especially useful for batteries that have been discharged for an extended period of time. Furthermore, they have been in use for an extended period of time or have reached the end of their useful life. The jumpstart method works well for these types of problems. You’ll need to gather some materials for this phase. 

Among the components are a 9-volt battery, electrical tape, split wire, and battery. After removing the battery, connect and tape the wire to the positive (+) end of the 9-volt battery. Tape another wire to the 9-volt battery’s negative (-) end in the same manner. 

Wait for 10 to 60 seconds, checking frequently to make sure it doesn’t overheat. Now, whenever you notice it getting too hot, disconnect all of the connections. Reconnect it to the cell phone and go over everything again. 

  • Frozen:

Cover your phone battery with an old newspaper and wrap it in plastic at least twice. If you don’t have any plastic film, a securely packed plastic bag will suffice. Place it in the freezer for three days before removing it from the freezer. You should be very careful when unwrapping it to keep it dry. 

Set your battery to room temperature after that to allow it to return to its normal temperature. Put it back in the cell phone, but don’t turn it on yet. After charging your cell phone, keep it charged for at least 48 hours. Once the timer has expired, turn on your cell phone. This can make it easier to access your cell phone. 

  • Maintenance:

The battery in your phone should be removed. Carry out the opening and closing of the phone case in accordance with the specifications of the cell phone. When performing this type of repair, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s user guides. Clean out the entire area where the battery was removed.

 Using a clean, dry towel, remove the dirt from the inside as well as the battery. It is not recommended to clean the battery or the battery’s empty part with a wet cloth. Replace the battery in its proper location and turn on your phone. This could help you recover your cell phone.

Final Thoughts

I’m hoping you’ll pick up some helpful hints, and if you follow them all, you’ll be able to enhance the productivity of your phone. If your phone is severely damaged, Esource Parts provides Samsung s8 plus screen replacement .Please act quickly! If you wait any longer, your device’s screen may be further damaged. We promise that our Samsung phone repair services will never let you down.

Thanks for reading!

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