Everything There Is to Know About Wall Sockets

We all are pretty familiar with wall sockets; that’s because we see them everywhere in our houses and elsewhere. However, not many of us are familiar with the different types of wall sockets, their voltage, current, size, shape, and connector type. Why is it that we have two-pin wall sockets at some places in our houses and in other places we have three-pin wall sockets? We only know how to differentiate wall sockets based on their number on pins; other than that, we don’t know much. Getting to know about all the different types of wall sockets will help in choosing the right socket. You might already be using the wrong socket, every time when your refrigerator breaks down you the refrigerator whereas sometimes the problem could be with the socket you use for plugging in your refrigerator. Read till the end as we have briefly discussed all the common wall sockets in this article.

Type A Socket:

This is a domestic wall socket and is suited to use for plugs that have two flat parallel pins. The pin design of this socket is as such that a plug can only be inserted one way in it due to the different widths of the two pins. This ungrounded type A wall socket is used mostly in the US, Canada, Japan, Central America.

Type B Socket:

This is also a domestic wall socket and is used with plugs that have two parallel flat pins and a u-shaped earth pin. The length of the flat pins of such plugs is made to be shorter than the earth pin. This type B ground wall socket is commonly used in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Type C Socket:

This wall socket is the most commonly used wall socket in the world; it is used with plugs that have two parallel round pins of the same length. No matter where you go, you will definitely find this socket; this is why most of the appliances have plugs suited to fit in this socket.

Type D Socket:

This is a wall socket commonly found in India and Nepal; it is compatible with plugs that have three pins. The two parrel pins in such plugs are equal in length and diameter, but the earth pin is slightly longer in length and bigger in diameter. The three pins are arranged as such that they form a triangle.

Usb Socket:

These sockets have become common very recently; they make it easier to charge phones and other appliances that require a usb port for charging or operating. Like you can charge your phone with this socket without your phone’s charger dock, as the wire that comes with the charger’s dock can directly be inserted in this socket.

Telephone Socket:

These sockets are made specifically for the telephone wires, as the telephone wires’ pin is very different. Therefore, telephone wires can only be used in telephone sockets. Any telephone socket exporter can assist you better with all the different styles of telephone sockets.