How can pocketbuddy save your time and money while shopping

How can pocketbuddy save your time and money while shopping

Introduction – When you shop online frequently through various online shopping and e-commerce websites, it becomes very important for you to learn ways to save time and money. Apart from saving as much money as possible, it is also very important to save unnecessary time consumed when you shop online.

Online shopping can be as tedious as window shopping because of the availability of a wide range of products available. For example, if you go online to buy a bed sheet for your room, the online app will show you a thousand other materials that you can purchase along with the bedsheet, like curtains, doormats, etc. These options can sometimes confuse you, and you might buy the stuff you do not even need. For this reason, it becomes imperative that you take some external help to avoid buying stuff you don’t urgently need. 

Pocketbuddy is a very beneficial money-saving chrome extension that will help you save money and time while doing online shopping. Let us further read this article and see how that happens. 

How does the Pocket Buddy Extension prevent you from buying unnecessary products – 

Pocketbuddy is an amazing money-back app that will save you from the hassle of purchasing unnecessary online products. 

Has it ever happened to you that you went online to buy a coffee mug and bought various other things from the plethora of other kitchenware? Yes. It happens with everyone. Especially people who are shopping enthusiasts often buy many things instead of just the one they need. 

This mainly happens because of a technology called sentiment analysis. These e-commerce websites have such an algorithm set wherein they can tempt you by showing suggestions of various other things associated with the product that you have chosen for your purchase. 

But if you have installed the Pocketbuddy extension to your browser, you can prevent yourself from getting tempted by these solutions.

Many online shopping websites nowadays show you plenty of suggestions to buy along with the product you have chosen for your purchase. For example, if you want to buy a pair of jeans, these websites will show you a range of tops and T-shirts also that you can buy along with that pair of jeans. Also, sometimes these websites show similar products from brands that you can buy instead of your chosen ones. This actually prevents you from buying what you originally intended to buy. 

But if you have installed Pocketbuddy, then this money-saving app will not show you further similar suggestions. For example, if you want to buy H&M jeans, then Pocketbuddy will show you suggestions for the same pair of jeans with its discounted price across other websites. It will not show you unnecessary related products. This saves you both time and money. If you want to buy these jeans from Amazon, then Pocketbuddy will give you the price of the same brand of jeans on other websites like Flipkart and eBay for the price difference. 

This function helps you just surf across other websites to know the price difference or any other offer that might be running on other websites. This saves an immense amount of money and time you might spend buying unnecessary things. 

How does Pocketbuddy save time while shopping?

Pocketbuddy saves your time in three ways – 

  1. It saves time by preventing you from searching for discounts, deals, offers, and coupons.
  2.  Applying deals and coupons automatically to your shopping cart. 
  3. Preventing you from making unnecessary online purchases.  

Pocketbuddy is an amazing money-back extension that helps you avail of easy discounts. It helps you save the time and energy that you would otherwise spend on going through various other apps for the same discounts and offers. 

Also, Pocketbuddy allows you to fall into the trap of any fraud offers and discounts for shopping. You do not need to copy the discount coupon codes. Pocketbuddy does that automatically by adding the discount codes and offers to your cart with no extra effort needed from your side. 

Also, the best part about Pocketbuddy money-back extension is that it prevents you from buying unnecessary items by hindering any additional product pop-ups. However, Pocketbuddy shows suggestions of the same product across many other websites, but it does not show any additional products related to the product chosen by you. 

Another great benefit of using Pocketbuddy is that you do not need to be stuck on just one mode of payment. You can pay using different methods each time, and Pocketbuddy will still provide you with the best discount possible.

Pocketbuddy surfs over various apps and websites at a time, matches any ongoing discounts with your current mode of payment, and gets you the best and most profitable deals and discounts. 

Why go for the Pocketbuddy app?

One main question that might come up in your mind is why a person would use Pocketbuddy and not any other money-back extension. A simple answer to this is that Pocketbuddy is easy to install, easy to use, and very safe and secure when it comes to online payments. 

Pocketbuddy does not go through any of your other personal information like emails, bank account details, etc. Instead, it just uses and accesses the payment information and modes that you have saved to your shopping cart. If you have added or chosen Google Pay as the payment method, then Pocketbuddy will only show you discounts and offers based on this mode of payment. 

Also, Pocketbuddy never asks you to refer friends or pay for any upgrades. It is totally free to use and avail of the offers. 


It can be, thus concluded that Pocketbuddy is perhaps the best money-saving chrome extension that you can install in any browser to avail some extra discounts and offers on your online purchases. This app prevents you from spending unnecessarily on useless products by showing you suggestions of only those products that you frequently buy. Also, Pocketbuddy gives you an idea of the prices of the same product on other websites. This saves you the hassle of surfing through multiple websites before buying a product.