How to Backup AOL Emails on External Hard Drive?

To prevent your valuable data from being lost, you must know how to backup AOL emails to local and other hard drives. Backing up allows you to make multiple copies of your data and protect it from loss. This article will be helpful for you if you are looking for a solution to save AOL mail. But before backing up, take a look at some basic points.

What is AOL (America Online)?

AOL Inc (American Online) is an online email client launched by Quantum Computer Services. It also provides lots of features like spam protection, spell checker, pop/IMAP/SMTP protocol support, email configuration etc. Due to all these conveniences, it is used by individuals as well as in business.

Some reasons to back up AOL Mail

  • The user backup AOL emails to avoid accidentally deleting AOL emails.
  • Sometimes AOL server space gets full, and it is advisable to take a backup to free up some space.
  • To access AOL emails in offline mode, it is necessary to back up AOL Mail.
  • If there is an attack by a hacker or a virus on your AOL account, it is beneficial to save AOL email in a local drive for future use.

By reading the above reasons, you can easily understand why backup of the AOL mailbox is necessary. Now let’s see how to back up the AOL mailbox manually and professionally.

Manual Steps of Exporting AOL Emails

There are mainly four ways to back up your mail. You can back up your mailbox either manually or automatically.

First Method to Take backup using AOL Desktop software

AOL Desktop is an all-in-one desktop-based product used for mail browsing, searching, content, etc. You must first install the AOL Desktop software to use this method.

Steps for a backup email in local drive

  • Launch the AOL desktop and log in with details.
  • Open the mail that you want to export to your hard drive.
  • Click on the Save button and choose the “On My Pc” option.
  • Now choose the location where you want to save the mail.
  • Hit the OK button.

The second Manual method uses the Print feature.

  • Open the AOL mail website and log in with your mail AOL mail id.
  • Select the mail you want to save, click on the More button, then >> choose Print.
  • Change destination “save as pdf”>> click the save button.
  • Choose the folder where you want to save the file.
  • Now click on save.

Third Method to Save AOL email by using view raw message.

  • Open your AOL mail id.
  • Then open the email >> click on More.
  • Select View raw message.
  • Then save the file in .txt format. Before saving, you must rename the file.
  • After that convert the .txt file into .eml format.
  • Open and check the mail.

Fourth method to Export AOL emails using third-party tool

MailsDaddy Backup Tool is the best solution to save AOL  emails on your pc or local hard drive. This export tool provides different file formats like PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, HTML and other formats. Its GUI interface allows user to save all AOL emails into PC hard drive without any technical expertise.

Follow steps to Create a Backup of American Online mail

  • First, download the MailsDaddy AOL backup tool.
  • After downloading the AOL backup tool, install and launch it.
  • Enter the login email id and New App generated password.>> click on the sign-in button.
  • Select PST(Outlook data file .pst) file option in the new window or other required options.
  • You can export emails via setup the date range in the date filter or skip this step.
  • Creating log file is also an optional choice.
  • Now provide the path to save the AOL mail >> click the Next button.

AOL backup process will start. You can see this in the next pop-up window. Once the process is completed, the confirmation box will appear, click on Ok and enjoy your AOL mailbox.

Final word

This article discussed how to backup AOL emails in your local drive(pc). Additionally, reasons why users need to store AOL emails in the local system. 3 Manual methods take a lot of time because you have to save emails one by one. In comparison, the professional method simultaneously exports AOL emails to various file formats.

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