How to change Yahoo mail password: Step-by-step-guide

Yahoo Mail is a popular Internet e-mail service with millions of subscribers throughout the world. Yahoo Mail allows users to communicate via e-mail, chat, and text messaging, among other options.

You can use your Yahoo password to log in to any Yahoo service. You can reset or change your password to gain access to your Yahoo account if you’ve forgotten it or wish to Change Yahoo Mail Password. It’s also a good idea to change your password on a frequent basis and make sure it’s different from the others you use.

This tutorial will show you how to update your Yahoo Mail password on your desktop computer.

1- Open Yahoo Mail and, if prompted, log in.
2- Select your name at the top of the page to get to Account Info. Pick Account Info from the menu next to your name at the top of the page in Yahoo Mail Basic, then select Go.
3- Go to Account security on the Personal information page.
4- In the How you sign in section, click the Change password link.
5- Type a new, secure password in the New password text box. Enter the password again in the Confirm new password text box to ensure that it was typed correctly.
6- Select the Continue button and press the Enter key.
7- If necessary, provide a recovery email and phone number. Click I’ll secure my account later to skip this step.
8- Return to your inbox by going to the Account security page and selecting Mail.

How can two-step authentication increase security?

Changing your Yahoo Mail password on a regular basis helps to keep your account secure. Enabling two-step authentication for your Yahoo Mail account is another security safeguard you can take. To do so, follow these procedures.

1- Go to the Account Security section of your account.
2- Then, by clicking the toggle button to enable the option, go through the two-step verification process.
3- Please enter your phone number.
4- Choose the verification method that best suits your needs. “Call me” or “Send SMS” are the options.
5- Click “Verify” after entering the code you received.

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