How To Delete Your Amazon Account Permanently?

Do you want to delete your Amazon account? It is good to delete an Amazon account if you don’t wish to use it further because the sensitive data it contains may become problematic if anyone gets control over them without your consent. The reason for deleting an Amazon account can be anything from shifting to a country where Amazon does not work to shipping issues. Since account deletion will permanently remove your data and you will not be able to access my Amazon account, think twice before you delete your Amazon account. Continue reading to know how to delete an Amazon account permanently.

What Happens When You Close Your Amazon Account?
  • Amazon Mechanical Turks, Amazon Associates, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Author Central, Kindle Direct Publishing, and Amazon Pay all utilised or required an Amazon account.
  • Digital content from Amazon Music, Amazon Drive, and/or Prime Photos, as well as purchases from the Amazon Appstore. This includes purchases of Prime videos and Kindle books. All content will be lost and unable to be recovered.
  • You are accountable for all reviews, discussion posts, and customer photos that you have received or are in charge of.
  • Your account history, which includes information about your credit card, order history, and so forth.
  • Returns or refunds that have not been handled.
  • There are any remaining Gift Cards or promotional credit balances on your account.
  • Without an Amazon account, Alexa-enabled devices, Echo, and Firestick TV will not work.

If you can live without everything listed above, you’re ready to close your Amazon account.

How to Delete an Amazon Account Permanently?

After closing your Amazon account neither you nor any other employee will be able to access it again. It will delete all your data including where you have made the first payment, Wishlist, and account details. Here is the process to permanently delete an Amazon account. 

Step 1. Log in to your Amazon account 

Open Amazon Desktop App or go to the website. Once you land on the Amazon login page, click on the Accounts and lists and go to the sign-in option. Now, provide your Amazon login information to access your account.

Step 2. Cancel Your Current Orders 

Account deletion cannot be completed if any order is on the way. Before deleting your Amazon account, you need to cancel the order if you have placed any. Here is how you can cancel an order.

  1. Go to the home page and click on orders. 
  2. Click on the open orders option.
  3. Hit the request cancellation button. 

Step 3. Delete Amazon account permanently 

The account deactivation or deletion option is not available in the settings or account info list, you need to visit the let us help you section. Go to the Amazon website, complete Amazon login ID and Password, and scroll down to locate the Help button under the Let Us Help You section on the bottom of the home page. Now, scroll to navigate the Browse Help Topics option and click on the Need More Help> Contact Us button. 

Once you hover over the Contact Us option, it will provide an option to start chatting now. You will receive a call. You are required to tell the bot that you wish to delete your account. Later on, the bot will offer you options affiliated with login and security that will lead you to talk to a representative. Tell the person you wish to delete your account. Eventually you will get a confirmation link.