How to Fix Error: Your system has only xxxMB of free memory?

When trying to install QuickBooks, the user might come across an error message that says “Your system has only xxxMB of free memory. QuickBooks requires at least 1GB of free memory”. This error message can be experienced especially after extracting the installer. This basically means that the system has less than the required 1 GB of minimum available storage.


QuickBooks Error: Your system has only xxxMB of free memory can be resolved easily using a few set of steps, then in that case reading this post till the end is suggested. The user can also contact our technical support team and ask them to fix the issue.


Steps to fix the Error: Your System Has Only xxxMB Of Free Memory issue in case of downloaded installer

In case you are using a downloaded installer, then the steps below can be of great assistance. Let us have a look:

  • The user needs to press and hold Windows + R keys to launch the run box on the screen
  • Also, insert temp in the run box and hit ok tab
  • Look for the folder that is generated by the setup
  • Create a copy of the QuickBooks folder on the desktop
  • The folder name might vary depending upon the version of QuickBooks that you want to install
  • After that move to QuickBooks folder and open QuickBooks
  • Navigate to the framework.xml file and right and click on edit
  • Ensure to open the file in notepad
  • Also, if you aren’t able to access the file or not available in the temp folder, then you have to run QuickBooks installer
  • When the installer reaches the welcome to QuickBooks screen, then click on cancel
  • Check in the temp folder
  • Look for the minimum requirements
  • Change the minimum requirements to 0MB
  • Head to the file menu and click on save
  • Now, move to installation folder and run the setuop.exe and install QuickBooks


Once the above steps are carried out properly, the user would be successfully able to resolve memory issue in QuickBooks. If in case the error persists, or if the user needs any sort of assistance at any point of time, then it is recommended to speak to our QuickBooks pro experts via our support number 1-844-405-0906, and they will provide you with immediate technical assistance.