How to Fix Facebook APP Not Responding on iPhone?

If you are experiencing a Facebook app not responding on iPhone, one of the reasons could be that you have not correctly set up the Facebook app. Many experts say that this could be one serious issue that is preventing Facebook from delivering what it promises to its users. Read this post, To Fix Facebook APP Not Responding on iPhone.

To fix this problem, one should perform a few simple steps. 

In order to fix Facebook not responding on iPhone, first you should reset your Facebook settings to the normal state.  To do this, use the “Settings” option by clicking on the “Settings” icon that is normally located at the top of the screen.

From Settings, one would go to “Build Preferences.” Here, you will see the option to reset the Facebook preferences. To do this, click on “reset” button. By doing this, Facebook would not remember your preferences for the next time you use the device.

After resetting the Facebook app, you should then reboot the device. This will enable the application to run properly again. If you did not want to reboot the device, just don’t do it.

The second problem may be that the Wi-Fi network you are using is not working. You need to connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Then, open Facebook and type the SSID that you can find in the Wi-Fi settings. Press the “Connect” button and follow the instructions. 

The third problem that you might encounter is that there is no longer any flash support in Facebook. It means that Facebook has removed the support for the older versions of the Facebook application. In order to work around this problem, you can download Facebook Flash-player from the iTunes store. 

The final problem that you may encounter is about the battery life. You should always have enough battery life to make the Facebook app work. If you think that your phone’s battery is running low, then you should consider purchasing a replacement battery. This will help you continue using Facebook without any problems. If you do not have a replacement battery, then you might consider using the external battery that can also help you in making the Facebook application run smoothly.

If you have encountered all the above problems with the Facebook application, then it might be time for you to look for another solution. It might be possible that the problem is related to the hardware of the iPhone. In such a case, the best thing that you can do is to replace the hardware of your iPhone with a new one. This can help you get rid of the problem permanently and you can use your Facebook applications in a smooth manner once again.

However, if the Facebook problem is not hardware-related, then probably the issue is with your computer or the Internet connection. However, if the problem is software based, then you should try to fix the problem by adding some new applications to your iPhone. This will help you make the Facebook experience more fun and interesting.

Best Ways to fix Facebook APP Not Respond on iPhone 

  • One of the simplest ways of fixing the problem is by adding any new email account. If the problem is because of the absence of an email account, then you will just have to add a new email account in your iPhone. However, this can be quite an error-prone method because there are many fake or stolen email accounts floating around on the internet. Therefore, you should be careful in dealing with these kinds of cases.
  • Another method of dealing with this problem is by adding a Facebook plug-in. The Facebook plug-in will be helpful if you can add one Facebook widget into your sidebar or navigation panel so that the Facebook application becomes visible whenever your iPhone displays an incoming call or message.
  • The most recommended way to solve this problem is to use Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect allows one to create a Facebook application to display on one’s iPhone. With this feature, one’s friends and family will have the chance of viewing one’s latest messages, photos, and news. However, installing Facebook Connect does not guarantee that the Facebook application will work properly. So, make sure that you always have the latest version of Facebook Connect installed on your iPhone before trying out Facebook.

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