How To Fix Instagram Story And Highlight Views Not Showing Problem?

Instagram Stories is a popular feature that allows users to share a variety of interesting videos and photos before they disappear after 24 hours. Additionally, Instagram Stories has the unique function of allowing you to keep your content as Highlights on your profile. As a result, they don’t disappear after 24 hours and remain for all eternity!

However, you’re likely here because your Instagram Story or Highlight views aren’t showing. As a result, for many users, not being able to count the number of views their Stories receive is extremely annoying. Especially after you’ve spent so much time and work storyboarding your ideal video.


When Instagram Story And Highlight Views Aren’t Showing: 

Here Are Some Reasons Why And How To Fix It?

1.) Make Sure Instagram’s Server Is Available:

If your Instagram Story view count isn’t showing up, it’s quite possibly due to a server-side issue. As a result, we believe the Instagram app will be unable to sync or update your view count due to a lack of connection.

Other Instagram users may also be affected by these view count issues in such situations.

As a result, we propose that you go to Downdetector’s Instagram page. You can see whether other users in your area are having similar problems, or if Instagram is experiencing service troubles in general.

2.) Reopen The Instagram App:

From time to time, the Instagram app will have small problems and issues. Especially if you haven’t closed the app in a long time or left it running in the background. As a result, your inability to see your Instagram Story view count might be due to an app error.

A quick app restart may refresh your Instagram session and maybe cause your Story’s view count to update, despite its simplicity.

If the problem was caused by an app bug, you should be able to see your viewer count once again after restarting the app.

As a result, here’s a quick two-step procedure for restarting the Instagram app on your phone:

  1. To begin, totally exit the Instagram app. Remove it from your Recent Apps or App Switcher to manage this.
  2. Then, from your home screen, reopen Instagram.

3.) Use A Different Device Or A Mobile Or PC Web Browser:

This Story view count issue may cause by an issue in the Instagram app. As a result, this step is to see if the problem has been caused by an app you have loaded on your phone.

As a result, we recommend login into Instagram and checking your Story’s view count via your native browser app as a first step (Safari, Chrome).

The mobile website not only has a similar layout to the Instagram app, but it may also be more bug-free. This is because, unlike the app, the Instagram website is always up to date. As a result, regardless of the mobile device you’re using, it is well.

As a result, you may get the most updated viewer list for your Instagram Story or Highlight because it’s always updated.


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