Key Benefits of Public Switched Telephone Network

Everyone has seen the public switched telephone network (PSTN) in action; however, not everyone has understood it at that point of time. As we all know the importance of telecom solutions with the internet and the cloud, it is quite challenging to believe that public switched telephone networks are still being used and provide top-notch benefits.

The public switched telephone network, commonly known as PSTN, is a traditional circuit-switched telephone network. It can be operated by local, national, and international carriers. Since 1800, PSTN is being used, and its infrastructure consists of telephone lines, switching centers, fibre optic cables, telephone devices, cable systems, satellites, and so on. With a public switched telephone network, your business can easily make landline telephone calls. In addition to this, there are so many benefits of PSTN for your business. Simply scroll down and explore:

Purpose-built for Telephony

As the saying goes – “do one thing and do it well”. It is true for the public switched telephone network as well. Initially, it was built to make telephone calls and to manage voice traffic only. Unlike other modern systems that are capable of doing several things, PSTN can do one thing only – to make telephone calls. As time passes, PSTN has evolved and got better and better. In addition, most telecom carriers provide a high level of voice clarity.

Better security and reliability

One of the most common reasons why businesses still use PSTN is that they are more reliable than other options available on the market. For example, PSTN can function when there is no electricity, which means there is business continuity. On the other hand, if your business uses VoIP services, you may face a problem when a WAN outage and in case if you have bad internet connectivity, your IP-PBX or cloud-hosted telecom systems may not function well.

Another reason to choose a public switched telephone network is it provides security. The nature of the public switched telephone network means it is not susceptible to hacks.

Easy to use

When it comes to the devices and several features as well as functionalities that are part of the PSTN, there is a degree of familiarity. When talking about calling devices, there is no steep learning curve needed, and users can leverage their optimal potential in an easy and quick manner. Moreover, the infrastructure set up can be easily managed by the telecom companies, and in case of a problem, they can easily sort out it for you and your business.

Backup system

PSTN or public switched telephone network makes for a great telecom system; the nature of the public switched telephone network also makes it a great backup system for your business. In case of a problem, you can shift to PSTN in the interim until the problem is sorted out. It plays the role of a great backup system because it is durable and functions excellently if it is used sporadically. PSTN needs regular maintenance and upgrades. However, the cost is not unaffordable. If you can afford it, installing a PSTN in business can be a good idea.

Final Words

There are so many businesses who regard public switched telephone network as a legacy telecom system that has outlived its usefulness. The advent of cloud computing has taken place in business, but it has not made PSTN redundant. There are still some businesses that trust PSTN over modern telecom systems. If you are seeking the right telecom system for your business, it is good to check out the pros and cons of every telecom systems available there.