Methods to Fix Error “This webpage is not available” in Google Chrome

As many of you are facing problems that your webpage not available. For this first, make sure your that problem is at your end only because you won’t be able to. Solve the issue if the problem is caused by the backend then only the Google team will be able to solve and you are helpless in this case. If your website server is down.

If your website not available then read this blog to solve your issue at your end.

Ways to fix” this webpage is not available ” on Android?

As many people do that task only which is easier right? 

So Google chrome is rebuilt in Android phones only those people install Firefox Opera extra if they want to work on it. This site page isn’t accessible” is exceptionally high on Android gadgets too.

Here are steps to solve webpage available on Android.

1. Clear all webpage data 

Go to the Google Chrome

Then there will be an option of the menu and or history.

Click on all the square boxes and select a time to all time.

Press on clear all data.

2. Delete app data

As Android already has the Google app rebuilt in it so you can easily handle storage, permission extra on Android. so you only have to delete or clear data from chrome on your phone.

How to fix a webpage not available on Android?
  • Go to settings of your phone
  • In-app section go on chrome app
  • There you will see the option of clear data click that