NSF to PST Converter Tool – Convert NSF files to PST

Both Lotus Notes and Outlook are the most commonly used email client across the globe. These help users in their business communications in a sophisticated manner. Outlook uses PST, and Lotus Notes uses NSF files to store its data. If we compare HCL Notes with Outlook, both can manage user data effectively. However, using Lotus Notes is not so easier because of its tedious user interface. Alternatively, MS Outlook comes in the Microsoft family and includes a convenient user interface. Many Lotus Notes users look to convert NSF to PST due to multiple reasons and those factors urges most users to switch their email client to Outlook. But they always want a professional NSF to PST Converter tool for hits conversion.

To simplify things, we have listed some reasons for the migration and demonstrated several solutions to deal with the conversion effectively.

What makes it essential to convert NSF files into PST?

User does not do migration from one email client to another not only for one single reason. For every migration, there are many factors behind them. We have explained some of them, which will give you clarity for the NSF to PST conversion. Let’s explore some of them:

  • Outlook creates two file formats i.e., OST and PST which saves the Outlook data. Through OST, users can access their data even with no internet connection. However, Lotus Notes does not have the facility to provide access to its data in an offline mode.
  • It isn’t easy to manage account synchronization in Lotus Notes, but in Outlook, users can easily make an account without having much technical knowledge.
  • Lotus Notes is not a cost-effective email client, whereas Outlook is one of the cost-effective ones with low maintenance costs.
  • Outlook provides an option to work on multiple accounts, but on the other hand, Lotus Notes does not provide such a facility.
  • Using Outlook is easier because of its better user interface. On the other hand, working with Lotus Notes is a bit difficult.
  • The lotus Notes email client does not provide the advanced features that Outlook offers its users.
  • Microsoft Outlook’s features are better placed than the HCL Notes.

How users can approach NSF to PST Conversion

Migration is not an easy subject wherein users can move their data quickly. It demands the proper dedication and time to safely put all data from one email client to another. The same goes for the procedure to convert NSF to PST which includes multiple complexities and a single mistake during the conversion can fail the process.

However, it is important to have a complete understanding of the methods involved in file conversion. There are manual methods that can make the NSF file to PST file conversion, which we will discuss in this write-up.

Convert NSF to PST Using MS Transporter Suite

Before initiating the conversion process, it is suggested to take the backup of complete Lotus Notes data to avoid data loss.

Procedure to install and create the CSV file:

  • Open the Microsoft official website and search for the Transporter Suite.
  • Once done with it, download the suite on your system.
  • After downloading it, install and run the application.
  • On the Microsoft Transporter suite setup installation page, select the Microsoft Transporter Suite option, wherein you need to choose Transporter for Internet Mail.
  • Thereafter, click on Browse to select the target location to save them, and then click next to continue.
  • Launch the Excel program and create a CSV file containing details such as Source Identity, Server, Login ID, Password, and Target Identity.

Working Procedure:

After creating the CSV file with all the required details, open the Microsoft Transporter Suite. Open the application and do click on add mailboxes. After that, you need to import the CSV file into the Transporter Suite. Follow the process to convert the NSF file in the below-given section.

  • Import the CSV file into the Transporter using the Browse button.
  • After that, you need to click on the all-mailbox option.
  • Choose “Migrate selected mailbox” and proceed further.
  • Internet Mail Migration Option Wizard will open up and you need to select the POP option from the list of mailboxes you want to copy.
  • Tick Specify Client Access Server checkbox and Press the Next button.
  • Here, there is an option to convert selective emails through the date range and select all data through all email options. After choosing the desired one, click on the Next button.
  • Once the process gets over and clicks the Finish button.

Import/Export Method to Transfer NSF file into Outlook PST

This method involves a two-step procedure. First, users need to export all their data into a CSV file and then import them into the Outlook account. Chances of mistakes in these methods are greater, and one minor mistake can make a problem for the whole conversion. Moreover, the manual way to convert NSF to PST has more drawbacks, such as:

  • It is a time-consuming process as the user must first move Lotus Note data to CSV and then import them into PST.
  • They cannot add multiple domino mailboxes at the same time.
  • Requires more technical knowledge & skills to carry out conversion safely.

All such drawbacks make the need for a better alternative. One of them is a third-party tool to convert NSF to PST while consuming less time and providing accurate results.

Reliable Software to convert NSF into PST file

It is better to get away from the technicalities of the manual method by simply choosing a reliable third-party tool. Users can go with Shoviv NSF to PST converter to make the work easier. This tool saves user time as it directly convert NSF to PST with maintaining the data Meta properties. Users can run it on any system which has pre-installed Windows O.S.

This utility comes with a user-friendly interface that helps all users navigate to each feature comfortably. Users can add as many NSF files irrespective of their sizes. Due to its advanced functionality, like its incremental export option, the user does not need to restart the conversion once again because of the process interruptions. This NSF to PST converter tool offers a free trial version through utilizing it, users can convert the first fifty items/folder.

Wrapping Up

There is no native solution that is easy to use to convert users’ HCL Notes database files into PST. Many users got stuck between conversions due to a lack of complete technical knowledge. However, to convert NSF to PST without facing any issues, users can straightaway go with the third-party software explained in this write-up. The tool can give you result quickly without causing any damage to the user data.