Remove Attachments from Multiple Outlook Emails

Without a doubt, MS Outlook is far superior because of its effective characteristics, which are mostly utilized by corporate customers to connect with end users in a sophisticated manner. With its excellent performance and user-friendliness, jobs may be completed quickly.

However, the effectiveness of the Outlook programmer may be hampered by the growing volume of emails and their attachments. Therefore, it makes sense to delete the attachments from several Outlook emails.


In actuality, most users do not take the proper steps to easily save Outlook email attachments on their desktops. You may quickly and effectively eliminate attachments from many Outlook emails with the use of the Softaken PST Compress programmer.

Therefore, read the entire blog to learn the precise method for deleting attachments from PST in a clever yet efficient manner.

Multiple Outlook Email Attachments Can Be Remove in 4 Easy Steps

1. Fire up the software on your computer.
2. Browse the attachments in an Outlook file.
3. Select the option to remove attachments.
4. Start the attachment removal process.

How can I manually remove email attachments from many Outlook emails?

This native solution typically entails two steps involving the use of Microsoft Outlook and Visual Basic for Applications. The procedures to delete attachments from numerous Outlook emails are provided below.

First, use VBA

1. Start by opening Outlook on your computer and pressing Alt+F11 to access the outlook VBA dialogue box.
2. Then after, select Insert >> Module, which will bring up a new wizard.
3. Next, paste the script from below into the dialogue box. Make careful to identify and change the path in Save Folder with the one of your choosing.

Public Sub SaveAttachmentsToDisk(item As Outlook.MailItem)
Dim attachment As Outlook.Attachment
Dim sSaveFolder As String
save folder = “C:\Users\admin\Downloads\Outlook Attachments”
For Each attachment In MItem.Attachments
attachment.SaveAsFile sSaveFolder & attachment.DisplayName
End Sub

4. Save the script that you just pasted, then shut the Visual Basic for Applications window.

Make a rule to delete attachments from several Outlook mails in step two.

  • To start, open MS Outlook and select the Home tab, Manage Rules & Alerts, Rules, and New Rule options.
  • Choose the Apply rule to communications I receive option under Rules wizard, then click the Next button to continue.
  • Then, choose the script text from Step 2 and click on the checkbox next to the option to execute a script to delete attachments from numerous Outlook emails.
  • Opt. the script using the following wizard, then click OK.
  • Then, it’ll be forwarded to the next box, where

a. Step 1 will ask for the rule’s name.
b. Step 2 will ask you to choose your preferred choice, and
c. Step 3 will ask you to click Finish.

  • All attachments will be stored at the designated place after the necessary processes have been completed.

Do you find the manual way to be tiresome? Be at ease! In that scenario, use the suggested remedy listed below to put an end to all of your manual concerns.

Advanced Solution: Eliminate Attachments from Numerous Emails.

The manual method is available to users, but it has a few drawbacks because it can’t mass store attachments from several emails in Outlook. Implementing the manual procedures may be tough for inexperienced users. Given all the drawbacks of the manual process, it is usually advised to choose a reliable and straightforward option, like Softaken Outlook PST Compress Tool.

Advantages to using Softaken Compress PST.

  • Remove and carefully store each Outlook attachment.
  • Reduce any excessive PST file size; option to store attachments separately
  • Simple elimination of occupied area
  • Error-free and uncomplicated method
  • No installation of MS Outlook is need for safe conversion without data loss.
  • ANSI & UNICODE PST files are supported.
  • Free PST compression tool trial
  • Compatibility with modern operating system versions
  • Option to remove any desired PST file in a location that you specify
  • No extra software is necessary.
  • 24-hour customer service staff

To compress a PST file, just follow these easy instructions.

  1. Get Compress PST Tool and set it up.
  2. Upload PST files by selecting Add File or Folder.
  3. Choose a location to save the generated PST file.
  4. Select the PST file compression setting that best suits your needs and press the Start button.

Compact Outlook PST Software features.

Consolidate large PST files.

If the data storage exceeds the allowed amount, a PST file may become corrupt (ANSI – 2GB and Unicode 20 GB). You have the option to eliminate attachments from the advanced utility, compress them, and save them in the preferred location on your PC.

Save and remove any attachments.

This is referred to as choosing out a certain thing. A PST file’s attachments can be extracted by the software and saved in a different folder. You may split attachments from a PST file in this manner.

Attachments may be extracted to the desired PST files.

The application operates as you would like. From the PST files you’ve chosen, attachments are extract. The computer programmer cannot move forward even a single step without your directions. It performs as you direct.

PST File Attachments must be delete.

The utility gives you the ability to extract just the attachments from a PST file in order to delete them permanently. The original PST file’s size is automatically reduce, and the amount of data storage space is grown.

Compress, Save, and Remove.

You may use the ability to delete the select PST file’s attachments in order to store them in a different folder. To enable you to reduce file size, the Shrink PST tool eliminates wasted space, garbage space, and unused cache.

Save the attachments where you want.

The Save Attachment functionality stores the extracted attachments in a location that the user specifies. The extract data can be save in a brand-new folder.

An independent utility.

It is a standalone tool that reduces and removes PST file attachments without the need to install MS Outlook or any other software. Simply use this convenient software to accomplish the compression process.

Why should I pick this tool over other software from a third party?

You could be wondering why to utilize this programmer when many readily available applications on the web market are available. The answer to this question is provided in the section below; they are a few of the key factors that set it apart from other tools as a top utility.

  • Remove attachments right away from many PST files.
  • To add a single or a large number of PST files, utilize the Add File (s) & Add Folder options. The utility supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST file formats for compression.
  • Allows users to take out attachments from PST files.
  • Huge PST files may be compress with this programmer without compromising data/information integrity.
  • The advanced choice is to keep the folder structure for the PST attachments that have been extracting.
  • Designed to handle the most recent iterations of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.

Time to wrap up.

Amongst the most frequent questions across Outlook users is how to delete attachments from numerous Outlook emails. This blog outlines the best method for doing it, which includes both automated and manual methods. However, given the numerous drawbacks of the manual/typical approach, it is strongly advise to use the above-describ 3rd party solution.