Sony camera gives an error. How to fix errors.?

A digital camera is a complex device consisting of electronics, mechanics, a removable memory card, or lenses. A program for self-diagnostics of the system as a whole is wired into the camera’s memory. An error message indicates a malfunction of a node. Whether it’s a memory card, a lens, or the lack of contact between the lens and digital camera. If we cannot fix the error on our own, we can diagnose and repair your camera or lens. Errors occur due to a malfunction or malfunction of the shutter, mirror unit, iris unit, stabilizer unit, sensor, etc. If the camera displays an error code, try to find this code on the Internet, it may be a faulty memory card or a discharged battery. Often

does not carry more information, this is a common error, which means the camera malfunction and points to the need to carry it to the service center. In our workshop, they decipher it and diagnose a malfunction either from the experience of the camera’s behavior or by connecting it to the service program. Newer camera models sometimes show this error in more detail:


Lens communication error. This error occurs when the camera and/or lens is malfunctioning, or because the lens is not properly attached to the camera. Disconnect and reconnect the lens. If the error persists, then try using a different lens. Suppose the error does not appear after that. In that case, the reason is the lens malfunction (the mainboard or bayonet contacts do not work, the aperture or lens aperture cable is faulty, the image stabilizer is faulty (not configured).


memory card error. Try reinstalling, reformatting, or replacing the card. If the problem with the camera does not help and you need to contact the service. Do not use force when inserting any memory card, as this could damage the camera.


the memory card is full. The format or delete unnecessary pictures.


cannot raise the built-in flash. If there are clicks, then the electronics are working; try to eliminate the cause of the flash jam. Sometimes it is the deformation of the case (worse if sticky liquid gets into the mechanism). In this case, it is permissible to help the camera with your hands)).


The piezoelectric self-cleaning mechanism of the sensor (matrix) is faulty. I would turn it off from the menu. This function does not help with dirt anyway.


file writing error. If this error occurs regularly, try reading the instructions with what types of memory cards your camera can work with and (or) changing the memory card.


camera mechanism error. You need to contact a service center to fix the malfunction of the mirror unit or shutter.


You need to carry the camera to the service to repair (replace) the shutter.


Error caused by power failure of the camera. Try to charge or change the battery; if it doesn’t help – there is a malfunction in the camera electronics. We will be glad to see you in our service center.) You can also purchase the necessary rechargeable batteries for your digital camera model from us.


Electronics defective. It is probably the most annoying mistake that requires expensive repairs.


Sony is error reading or writing camera images. If the replacement of the card did not help, you need to carry it to the service for repair or replacement of the central board or matrix unit.

Almost the same as ERR

Here we will consider Sony cameras of the A7, A7S, A7R, A9, A6300, A6400, A6500, and A6600 series and other Same Error Show Fujifilm mirrorless camera some models.

Suppose you see this on the screen of a Sony DSLR or mirrorless camera. First of all, don’t panic. In many cases, these annoying camera system errors can be easily diagnosed and corrected.

What is causing the camera error? Turn it off and on?

This message may appear after turning on the camera or suddenly after normal shooting without any problem. It is most likely a shutter – but not always. Here is a list of common components and mechanisms that can cause this error message on your LCD screen.

Valve assembly malfunction The valve is stuck or not working properly. This is a common problem with cameras, as shock or rough handling can damage this precision mechanism. The shutter can also deteriorate if it is heavily worn.

The IBIS unit may be skewed due to shock or rough handling. That is a common problem – usually fixed by resetting or reinitializing – but not always (see instructions below for resetting your camera).

If your Sony camera has been accidentally connected to the wrong power source, there may be a short inside that prevents the shutter or IS from being supplied with power.

Try self-help troubleshooting steps.

First, try turning off the camera and then turning it back on (as you are told). If it worked, you are a fine fellow.

Then, if the camera remains locked, meaning you cannot turn it off, try removing the battery or disconnecting the camera from the power source. Then replace the battery or connect the camera to an appropriate power source and turn on the power. It should reset the shutter or IBIS.

You have a last resort if removing the battery or power source does not resolve the camera error. If you can access the camera menu, go to the “Reset settings” screen, here you will have two options: “Reset camera settings” or “Initialize,” select “Initialize.” This will reset your camera to factory settings. Be aware that this removes any custom settings.

If the camera error persists, could you bring your camera to us? After diagnostics, we will estimate the cost of the repair and agree with you. And in the shortest possible time, we will return yours to life.