The Benefits of Relationship Marketing For Your Business

Until recently, the golden rule “Content is the King” was in force in digital, which affirmed the central role of content (and in particular the quality of content) in online marketing strategies.

Today the content is still important, but the focus seems to have shifted to another element, the relationship, the bond of trust that is created between brand and user.

We could ironically say that the “Relationship is the Queen” rule applies today. And it is precisely on the ability to create a solid relationship with one’s audience that relational marketing strategies are based.

What is meant by relationship marketing?

according to Videoanimation If digital marketing were a pair of shoes, these would surely be running shoes for the marathon.

Pass this comparison perhaps a little unusual, but in fact it is. Digital marketing is a tool that allows brands to establish solid and long-term relationships with their audience.

But it often takes years and a continuous exchange of value to create a relationship of trust. Especially at the beginning of the “marathon” it is important to bond with a few customers who truly appreciate what your brand is able to offer them.

They are your True Fans that is literally your true supporters, the ones who would make false cards as well to buy your latest product or service.

So, relationship marketing is just that: the set of marketing strategies implemented to create a lasting relationship with the customer and turn him into True Fan.

The short and long term benefits

But what are the benefits of relationship marketing? We have identified at least four.

Building a strong relationship means first of all giving importance to the relationship with the other, in this case your customer. This is perceived in a very positive way by the customer, who will thus feel at the center of the brand’s attention. Many companies make the mistake of abandoning the customer to their fate once the purchase is made. In relationship marketing, the customer continues to be at the center even after and forever. All this translates into a relationship of trust and loyalty destined to last over time and therefore in continuous purchases.

This bond represents a great resource for your brand, not only from a strictly economic point of view. Thanks to the direct and trustworthy relationship with customers, you can ask them for feedback about the quality of your products and services. Asking for feedback is the best way to get to know your audience even more and learn important things; it is the purest and most direct form of communication between brands and customers.

Relationship marketing is useful for identifying problems and trying to fix what’s wrong with the product. It is a tool to increase quality and try to offer an ever better product / service. To do this, you must also be ready to give up some of the profits immediately and start thinking strategically and planning your actions for the long term.

This does not mean neglecting immediate gains, quite the contrary. If there is an immediately tangible benefit of relationship marketing it is undoubtedly that of the increase in turnover per capita. It is scientifically proven numbers in hand that every loyal customer spends at least twice as much per year as an occasional, non-loyal customer.

This alone would be enough to convince you to invest time, money and energy in relationship marketing.