Top 4 Best Server Processors to Buy in 2022

When you’re looking for growing your business, you definitely need top-tier server processors. A continuous and steady flow of money, data, and other routine activities between the clients and the company needs server optimization. Making the server work more efficiently and carrying out tasks and data storage regularly. Using a sever helps the employees, clients, and the company to access the portable data at their fingertips. Hence, to support a server’s functioning, you’ll need a processor that can handle heavy operations and data management tasks. You can always look into refurbished server processors that fulfill your business’s needs.

Today’s market is full of options ranging from the best servers you could find to the best gaming processors. This can make the task of choosing the right server for you fairly difficult. But you don’t need to worry. We will be covering all the necessary details and the knowledge that you need in choosing the best server that meets your needs.

Best Server processor in 2022 that you should consider

1. Intel Xeon Processor

These Intel Xeon processors are the top-of-the-lot processing units that usually serve the purpose of heavy load processing. They are mostly similar to the Intel Core series of processors but are much more advance in some aspects. These Xeon processors are also known as power processors because of their super processing and extensive capacity features.

You should always remember that the main component for any processor’s functioning, is its cores. The core’s job is to read and write instructions, thus, a better core means faster processing. Xeon processors have multiple cores which make the processing job quick and hassle-free. Another key element of these processors is their ECCM which is the abbreviation for “error-correcting code memory”. The ECCM prevents the processor from making minute mistakes while undergoing composing and perusing data. This makes it best for running heavy-duty programs and assignments.

Intel provides its customers with a wide variety of Xeon processors which are built according to different market needs. The entry-level range of processors that Intel offers are the Xeon E Processors that provide essential server solutions. Other than that, Xeon W Processors are perfect for rendering purposes that a creative professional, i.e., a digital artist, designer, video editor, etc., might be looking for. The W Range of processors can easily support programs like 3D CAD, VFX, and other alike processes.

If these do not fulfill your need, and you’re looking for top-range performance for workload optimization, Xeon D Processors are there.

For premium power, and space, you should go for the Xeon W Processors. The market is full of refurbished server processors that might interest you.

2. AMD Threadripper 3995WX

AMD released their latest super processor that gives tough competition to the market’s high-end processors. The AMD Threadripper 3995WX comes with 64 cores, and 128 threads, and supports up to 2 Terabytes of memory! All this spread over eight memory channels. The base frequency that this machine produces is 2.7 GHz, and it tops at 4.2 GHz marks i.e., turbo boost, when operating on heavy loads.

The 3995WX provides value for your money as it provides one of the best server performances along with a quite payable price. This machine is suitable for those who are looking for multi-core processing at high revs. Along with this, it can also support the purpose of rendering, 3D animation, and VFX. The frequency boost that comes with the 3995WX provides optimum performance at both, low and high workloads.

All in all, this processor provides smooth and steady results for both high- and low-end usage. As it has massive memory power, this processor efficiently reads and writes without lags. Its eight memory channels provide a separate boost when carrying out high-load data processing tasks.

3. Intel Core i9-10980XE

The next in line is the Intel Core X Series Processor with the code name of the former product, cascade lake. It is one of the gross selling products when it comes to mass usage. This server processor is based on 14nm lithography and packs an 18-core processor. Making it have a base frequency of up to 3.0 GHz which is the same as the 9980XE. Along with that, it also has a high-end turbo frequency of 4.6 GHz and another turbo max boosted frequency peaking at 4.8 GHz.

This processor can support up to 256GB of memory processing along with DDR4-2933 compatibility along with a quad-channel design. It also has a 165W thermal design power.

You can purchase this product from the market for around $979.00 to $1000.00 giving it a market competitive price. The maximum memory bandwidth that it provides is 94GB/s along with a scalability of 1S. The PCI Express Revision of it is 3.9 with 48 maximum PCI Express Lanes. Other than this, the processor supports the FCLGA2066 socket hence, making it a universal processor for various kinds of boards. If you’re looking for these specifications and save money as well, we suggest you look for refurbished server processors.

4. AMD Threadripper 3970X

This processor is from the AMD Ryzen family from the Threadripper line of products. It was launched on the 25th of November 2019. It is based on a Boxed platform type of processor. Being a 3rd Generation processor, it has shown its worth to many special effects artists and designers being one of the most famous in these areas.

This processor packs in 32 cores, along with 64 threads to execute operations flawlessly. Along with that, it has a base clock frequency of 3.7 GHz backed by a 4.5 GHz max boost clock. The PCI Express Version is PCIe 4.0 with the memory specifications up to 3.2 GHz with the DDR4 and four channels. The extraordinary 88 PCIe 4.0 lanes easily meet the large NVMe and GUP needs.

This processor can support all the in-demand OS and supports overclocking by default. This is the third generation of the 32-core processors which use an sTRX4 socket. This processor’s thermal design power output is 280W. The 144MB combined cache along with the vast I/O from AMD XTRX40 works together to provide optimum performance. You can find these models and specifications in refurbished server processors to upgrade your systems at pocket-friendly costs.