Top ten cloud security monitoring companies in the world

Hijacking and data breaches have become major threats to cloud security monitoring with the advancement of technology. Cloud monitoring uses automated and manual tools to manage and evaluate cloud computing architecture. Here are the top ten cloud security companies in the world:

  • Amazon cloud watch: This web server offers to monitor cloud resources and application that enables us to track and view EC2 instance and RDS resources.
  • Microsoft cloud monitoring: You can consider this Microsoft cloud monitoring to monitor your workload. This also gives you insight across your workloads.
  • AppDynamics: This app provides cloud-based network monitoring tools for accessing application performance.
  • BMC true sight pulse: This helps you to boost your multi-cloud performance and measure end-user experience and monitor infrastructure resources.
  • DX infrastructure manager: It is a unified infrastructure platform that delivers intelligent analytic for infrastructure tasks and monitoring.
  • New Relic: This company aims to manage complex and ever-changing cloud applications and optimizations.
  • Pixelette Technologies: You can fight any potential breaches and cyber threats effectively with Pixelette and reduce the risk of cloud computing.
  • Hyperic: It Is a robust monitoring platform that produces diverse systems.
  • Solarwinds: This company provides platforms for managing cloud security and data management solutions.
  • Exoprise: This SaaS monitoring company offers comprehensive security and optimization services.

Expansion of infrastructure 

With the enhancement in technology, cloud security monitoring requires the expansion of larger infrastructure. Cloud monitoring tools were designed to track down things like hard drive, switch, and router efficiency. These are excellent for vulnerabilities but sometimes these management tools fall short. Well, it also uses virtualization to overcome many of these challenges. The fabric of that environment can be built by managing applications.


Monitoring is a critical component for cloud security management that relies on automated solutions. The Cloud security component also uses physical and virtual servers to access and manage data, applications, and infrastructures.

Accessing cloud security

  • Identify what cloud service you want
  • Who controls your data?
  • Decide the level of information insurance
  • Where the data is being stored


There are several approaches for cloud security monitoring while it can be done on the cloud computing platform itself.

  • Scalability
  • Visibility
  • Timeliness integration
  • Auditing and reporting

Best practice 

One of the main practices to reduce the risk of cloud security monitoring is to mitigate cloud security risk to gain strict controls of data at endpoints. Likewise, cloud monitoring can evaluate, scan, and classify data before it is downloaded. This helps to avoid malware which gives vulnerabilities and malicious elements. The other possible recovery method for cloud security is to couple it with auditing and scanning.


The best practice to reduce the number of risks to cloud security monitoring is to follow these certain steps. These top companies also help your organization cloud security by providing applications for cloud computing. The conclusion would be to consider these options for the safety of your cloud computing.

Benefits of cloud security monitoring