Web Design Trend for 2021

The Web Design Revolution has begun! Do not get caught unprepared: the network in the coming months will be the means of communication that replaces physical contacts. Put your site in step with the times, discover the Web Design trend for 2021 now.

Web Design trend for 2021, 4 main focuses

You’ve already noticed, online communication has grown, because it fills the voids of physical spaces closed to the public. From school to shopping, from advertising to work, we advise you to immediately adapt the graphics of your children’s book illustration styles websites to the needs of the consumer. It would be a shame to be cut off from the new economic structure! Graphics experts have wasted no time: The Web Design trend for 2021 is already in circulation. Here are the focuses of change for you according to professor and blogger expert in Web Design trends.

1) Facilitates browsing on mobile devices

The PC is still needed for DAD (distance learning) and smart working, but for everything else the future trend is mobility. The problem is to offer a captivating browsing experience on iOS or Android smartphones without GIFs and PNGs. Resized for the display, in fact, they lose graphic quality. Next year’s Web Design trend uses SVG format for images, which adapt to the screen while retaining the original graphics.

2) Show statistical data of your projects

It turned out – in 2019 – that the user is interested in analysis and results of your business. So stay on your webpage longer to read them. The Web Design trend 2021 wants statistical data in plain sight with important graphics, as if they were part of the design.

3) No to monotonous pages

Throw away the regular construction grids. Because monotonous pages reject the user. The Web Design trend 2021 uses a balanced but asymmetrical graphic composition. Ok to variety of contents and volumes to attract attention. But be careful not to upload images that are much larger than blocks of text. Consider that the navigator’s gaze is fixed on large elements. Take advantage of the asymmetrical design then, by simply increasing the size of the key elements.

4) Respect Corporate Identity

The latest marketing statistics say that matching the style of the web graphics to that of the brand increases user confidence in the brand. The Web Design trend for the entertainment sector is oriented towards comics and caricatures. For the classic clothing e-commerce, a geometric graphic. For the typical restaurant, the retro style and so on.

The focuses are clear to you, but how do you behave with the actual graphic choices? Below we give you valuable tips on next year’s graphic trends in Web Design, read them now.

Web Design, 6 right graphic choices for a successful 2021

You understood that it is time to give your web graphics a makeover to adapt it to the trends of 2021. The focuses are clear to you, but you have some doubts about the actual graphic choices. Don’t worry, here are the tips you are looking for:

1) Soft shadows and floating elements for SVG images

They make them layered and more interesting. The trick is to give depth to the basic elements of Web Design: text fonts, titles, images and active buttons. Add them and you will see that they “come out” from the background with a whole new result.

2) Mixing of realistic photos with drawings and graphics

Use them to make your website stand out from the crowd. Yes, to the overlapping of photos and writings, symbols and brands: it will be the top of 2021. Add collages, which fascinate the user and express abstract concepts, for a site that will surprise!

3) Green light to dark colors

After the era of the white background, in 2021 black prevails. Giants like Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Hublot and many others already use it.  The dark theme increases the contrast, does not disturb the eyes and is more elegant. Even Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook offer the option dark. Which is top for OLED screens, as they save energy. Also add a neon glow, the coolest trend of the 2021 Web Design trend

4) Choose the curves

Today the user is tired of the squared lines, too rigid. Add softness to your graphic design, the result will amaze you.

5) Eliminate too bright and saturated colors

Enough with red, electric blue and fuchsia, insert softened pastel tones, in 2021 they will supplant shock colors.

6) Increase loading speed

Remove the video you put in the background of the main screen and put the images. So you reduce the loading speed of the site. A problem that forces the visitor to go further.

It’s not enough to know more about next year’s web graphics trend. If you are a freelance Web Designer and you want to stay one step ahead of the others, keep an eye on two other trends of the near future:

  • Use of artificial intelligence in the development of websites, to create targeted and personalized pages, focused on a specific context. It also serves to collect user information and conduct online surveys
  • Facilitated access for people with visual impairments. The most accredited Web Designers have brought this trend to life by working on sound, transcriptions, subtitles and font sizes. But be careful not to damage the aesthetics and indexing of the rating.

Here’s what will work on two leading areas: e-commerce and smart working

You have clearer ideas about the graphic choices, but that’s not all. We give you the latest tips on the 2021 Web Design trend for two top businesses right now: e-commerce and smart working. Here’s what’s going to happen next year.

There are activities online that have made a leap forward since March 2020. It is

  • E-commerce
  • DAD (distance learning)
  • Videoconference for those in smart working.

Wrote that in the lockdown period the searches for shopping / home delivery exploded. Unfortunately, however, out of a sample of 11,500 companies, only 16.5% have set up an e-commerce business. Statistics show that the e-commerce function is included in corporate websites with an average of 22% in the southern regions, less in the northern ones. The lowest percentage is in Lombardy, at 10.3%. The trend is on the rise for the next few months, we are desperately looking for developers and Web Designers capable of revolutionizing corporate sites. It is urgent to support offline sales threatened by the lockdown. Here are the trends you need to follow for 2021 ecommerce, according to Tom May, an ecommerce expert and Web Designer.

  • Create websites and apps that load faster
  • Build a more user-friendly UX
  • Go from small thumbnail images to large, detailed product images that you can view in 3D and rotate 360 ​​degrees
  • Build websites with concise microscopy, minimal design, soothing colors
  • Insert a detailed Dataviz, with clear and easy-to-follow infographics

The latest trend of 2021 is that of advanced videoconferencing. The problems of the platforms that emerged during the long months of DAD and smart working are two: poor connectivity and Zoom bombing, that is the sabotage of videoconferences by those who are not connected. The Zoom platform, which has suffered the phenomenon, announces the inclusion of new features similar to Slack in 2021. Microsoft Teams will also add new features to help large companies organize better online conferences. While Cisco has added Webex Classrooms, which allows teachers to organize online classes, schedule virtual office hours, and parent-teacher conferences.