What are the Best Places to Install Security Cameras at Home?

Security cameras have become a very important part of our lives. If security cameras are not rightly placed, it can pose a huge security risk to us. Choose the best service provider for Security Cameras in Dubai for the right security camera installations.

Mentioned below are some of the places where security cameras should be installed to enhance your home security:

  1. Front Door – Right at the entrance of your house a security camera should be installed so that you can easily see who is coming in and going out of the house. This prevents unauthorized entry and anyone who enters the house knows that he/ she is under surveillance. This prevents any chances of theft or forceful entry.
  2. Back and Side Doors – A security camera should also be installed at the back of your house and the side doors. In several cases, it has been seen that people who come with an intent to do any harm come through back or side doors due to the notion that there are no cameras there. To avoid such a thing even the side and back doors should come under the ambit of camera scrutiny.
  3. Driveway – Another place in the home where a security camera should be put in the driveway and garage. You do not want anyone to hide in that here and then enter the house when nobody is there. In short, it is vital to secure all entry and exit points of your house. This will bolster security tremendously. Make sure that the cameras are put at a height of approximately 8-10 feet above ground level.

So, these are some of the places where security cameras should be installed in a house. The cameras should point at the downward angle. If they point only upward or straight they will not be able to capture clearly who is entering the house. You can even focus on specific areas so that a clear picture is captured at all times.

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