Why HP Printer not Recognize New Ink Cartridges

Are you facing HP Printer Documentation Error with your printer? Don’t know how to fix it? Go through this article. Follow these simple steps to resolve HP document error yourself without needing technical support.
The development of the digital world leads us to print more content that is more enjoyed on paper.

We have a clear example in photo books, in images that we will use to decorate our surroundings or even in those fantastic colouring pictures that will delight our children. Printing equipment is a basic piece of equipment in the family environment. Printing schoolwork or a document for tax or bureaucratic procedures are tasks that enforce the presence of a HP Printer Cartridges at home.

Introduction of HP Printer Cartridges

They are also still necessary for many professionals. However, with digitization, printing habits have changed, and so has technology. Indeed, in the last decade, printers have undergone an important evolutionary process; they have diversified and become more efficient.

Impressed? Well, we are not finished, the printing of notes, papers, homework and educational materials is today more important than ever, as well as other types of important documents that we need in our lives, a broad reference that would range from tax returns to curricula vitae, through others such as those tickets that we have bought online or the invoice for those shoes that we have liked so much.

There is a problem with the printer’s ink cartridge. A document error error message will appear on the printer’s LCD screen. This error is also known as the ink system failure error code. There are various reasons behind HP printer error.

You may have decided to put aside the original cartridges for your printer or the printers in your office, but in theory, compatible cartridges should be just as valid and functional as the originals. The most frequent HP Printer Error 0xc18a0206 is that when installing compatible ink cartridges, the printer does not recognize them.

Incorrectly Seated Cartridge

Yes, sometimes it is as simple as checking that when inserting the new cartridge into the printer, the plastic seal that connects the ink nozzles to the printer has been correctly removed. The printer may tell you that the cartridge is not recognized, and in reality, it is only because such protection has not been correctly removed or perforated.

Also, be sure to make it fit correctly, pushing hard until you hear a clicking sound. Then surely, you will already have the compatible cartridge ready to be used.

Damaged, Dirty or Old Chip

An original cartridge can suffer some type of deterioration as well as a compatible one. It can also happen that the chip is not recognized by the printer due to dirt or because it is incorrectly seated. You have to do is clean it with cotton and a little alcohol, and if it is detached, you will have to centre it and press it so that it returns to its proper position.

Bad Cartridge

If we have already verified that the previous steps have turned out not to be wrong, we can proceed to check if the problem is with the cartridge itself. The cartridge may have swollen due to evaporation of the ink from exposure to the sun or high temperatures.

Printer-Specific Problems

It is possible that the printer itself has problems when it comes to recognizing the cartridges, and perhaps it is not the fault of the compatible or original cartridge but of the so-called “recognizer” or firmware.

Method 1: Restart your HP Printer

  • Turn on the Printer.
  • You have to wait at least 1 minute, then plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and connect the printer’s power cord.
  • Then turn on your HP Printer.

Method 2: Fill the Ink Cartridge with Ink

  • HP printer errors can also be caused by little or no ink in the ink cartridges.
  • Check the ink level of the ink cartridge in the printer control panel.
  • When the message “Ink is low” is displayed, replace the HP Printer Cartridges with a genuine ink cartridge.
    The bug hasn’t been fixed yet, so follow Method 3.

Method 3: Clean the vents ink cartridge

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Then open access to the ink cartridges.