The most effective method to Setup programmed back-up in SAGE 50

For the programmed reinforcements to run, every one of the accompanying conditions should be TRUE:

  • On the PC where the information is put away, the programmed arrangement should be set up.
  • At the time the reinforcement is booked to play out, that PC should be turned on.
  • Sage 50 Company can’t be in dynamic use.
  • The reinforcement won’t be made assuming that the above conditions are not met. In the event that each of the previous rules are met, continue with the arrangement underneath:

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Stage 1

Click File, Automatic Backup while Sage 50 is open. You may likewise get to the Automatic Backup Configuration from the Start menu or the work area symbol.

Stage 2

Select the organization index by clicking Browse close to the Company catalog.

Stage 3

Select the objective envelope for the reinforcement records by clicking Browse next to Save Backup to.

Stage 4

Assuming the organization has clients set up:

  • Enter the Sage 50 client name
  • Enter the Password
  • Affirm the secret phrase
  • Click Verify User Details

Stage 5

  • Under Include, if accessible: whenever wanted:
  • Check Company name in the reinforcement record name (suggested if utilizing more than 1 Sage 50 organization)
  • Check Archived organizations
  • Actually take a look at Attachments (suggested if joining documents, like PDFs or pictures, to exchanges or support records)

Stage 6

In the event that a reinforcement record as of now exists, select the ideal reinforcement choice. Naturally making another reinforcement document is enthusiastically suggested.

Assume a reinforcement document with a similar name as of now exists in the reinforcement area when the computerized reinforcement is run. All things considered, this choice will deliver another reinforcement document.

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Stage 7

You need to look at Log clients prior to running reinforcement (suggested however not needed)


Stage 8

Click Save

Stage 9

You can pick a save area and a File Name for the setup document. The organization catalog is suggested

Stage 10

Click Save

Stage 11

Click Schedule

 Stage 12

Pick the reinforcement plan you need (week by week reinforcements are suggested)

Stage 13

Click OK

Stage 14

When provoked for a secret phrase, type the Windows account secret key and snap OK.

Note: For admittance to the Windows Task Scheduler, the Windows client account should have a secret phrase designed. The assignment can’t be planned assuming that the client account doesn’t need a secret phrase to sign in.

Stage 15

Click Save

Sage 50 shouldn’t be open for the programmed reinforcements to work successfully, yet Windows should be signed in on the PC that made the reinforcement design record. In this way, these techniques ought to be performed at the server.

Assuming any clients are endorsed into the Sage 50 Company at the planned reinforcement time and the choice to Log out clients preceding running reinforcement isn’t empowered, the reinforcement won’t work.

It is prompted that reinforcements be saved to a particular reinforcement envelope and that this organizer be reared up to an off-site area or outside drive routinely to stay away from information misfortune in case of equipment disappointment.

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Peruse to the organizer where the reinforcement design document (.PTC) was saved, and open the .txt record with a similar name to see the log of programmed reinforcements.