The Undeniable Benefits of Installing a Digital Antenna on Your Roof

Do you want to watch more free TV?

If so, then it’s time to install a digital antenna on your roof. Digital antennas are the best way to get access to all of your favorite local channels for free. You can also enjoy premium networks like HBO and Cinemax without paying expensive cable bills every month. Plus there’s no contract or hidden fees!

But that’s just a few of the amazing benefits. Keep reading to see our top 5 benefits of having a digital antenna.

1. Free Local and National TV

A digital tv antenna will receive all local and national channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, the CW network, FOX, Univision, and more. In addition to receiving high definition pictures for these channels as well as your local news broadcasts from nearby cities that have a broadcasting tower within range of your roof’s location.

2. Software is Unnecessary

You do not need any software to be able to watch live television on a digital antenna and be a smart homeowner! All you need is an HDTV with a built-in tuner or an external tuner box connected to your HDTV.

If your HDTV does not have a built-in tuner or it cannot connect directly to the digital antenna then you can use an external tuner box to connect to your HDTV.

You can choose from an indoor or outdoor antenna depending on the area you live in and the strength of the local broadcasting towers. You can get the best tv antenna installers to help you get up and running fast.

3. Pick Your Own Channels

With a digital antenna, you get to pick exactly which free tv channels you want to watch, instead of having all possible channels blocked because of any monthly software fees that would be involved otherwise (i.e., cable and satellite TV subscriptions).

Additionally, some more popular premium-type channels may require a subscription service, but most popular national TV broadcasts will not require any extra subscription service at all with a digital antenna!

A good rule of thumb is if it’s free on television, then it’s likely free through a digital antenna as well.

4. No Software or Monthly Fees Necessary

With a digital antenna, you do not need any software to receive live broadcasts; nor do you need to pay any monthly fees for this equipment! Since the dawn of television broadcasting, it has been completely free (except in rare occurrences) and this will continue with your digital antenna purchase.

All that is required is the one-time installation of the equipment on your roof, which involves running the wires from the internal tuner box to your HDTV set. After that, you can sit back and enjoy an endless stream of TV shows – all without spending another penny!

5. The Digital Broadcasting Format Is Far Superior

For those who are unaware, traditional broadcast signals have been analog since their inception. In the past decade, technologies have been developed for transmitting TV programming as digital signals.

Digital is superior to analog broadcasting since it has a higher resolution and does not suffer from signal degradation over long distances or through obstacles such as trees, hills, or buildings. The improved picture clarity that comes with a digital antenna will leave you truly amazed!

Want to Learn More About Digital Antenna?

With all of these indisputable benefits involved in using a digital antenna for your television watching needs, it would be almost silly to ignore them! Don’t forget to check out our blog for tips on finding the best antenna company.