Three Major Types of Dog Boarding Facilities

If you are confused about which dog boarding to choose, then continue reading this article as we will be listing down three options below you can choose from:

1) Kennels

A kennel may be the best option for you if you own a timid and unsocialized dog. It is perfectly suitable for your furry friend if they get anxious by being around other dogs for a longer duration.

2) Private Rooms

Choose this option if your dog does not do well in a kennel. During the day, your dog will get a chance to play & during the night, they will have their private rooms with their blankets & bed.

3) Cage-free

If you own a dog who is socialized very well & has a tendency to get anxious without any company or attention, then this option will be your perfect choice as your four-legged friend will get a chance to play & sleep with other dogs throughout their stay.

Health precautions you should take

Make sure that all the other dogs boarded are healthy & vaccinated. Taking this precaution will give you peace of mind that your best buddy will be staying in a safe environment with a very slick chance of getting sick.


Whichever option you choose for your dog, ensure that the boarding facility staff members treat your dog as part of their family. They should treat each & every boarded dog as if they were their own. Your dog should be in the hands of safe, capable & experienced staff members who can provide constant attention, security to your dog 24x 7 & peace of mind to you. We highly recommend you to check out Mylilpawstay’s best dog boarding in Bangalore facility.