Unique Attributes Of A Stand Alone Scanner For Your Home Or Home Office

If you need a printer and a scanner for your home you can go for a printer with scanning functionality. If you need to scan several documents every day for your office or home office, it may not be a good idea to go for a printer with scanning functionality. You can go for a canon scanner that only scans. But when you are buying just a scanner you need to make sure that it is compact and does a very good job at scanning. Having a compact device helps the user to handle it. You may also take it to a different place since a compact device is also portable.

Selecting The Best Standalone Scanner

You can use a printer with scanning functionality, but such devices are not good substitutes for scanners. If scanning documents is a regular job in your office or home office, you need a stand-alone scanner such as a canon scanner. However, you need to select the best among them. Here is a list of features that you need to look for in a scanner.

  • Smart features to adjust documents automatically

Having some smart features to automatically adjust the document for scanning is one of the most desirable prerequisites of a stand-alone scanner. Whether you are selecting a canon scanner or any other scanner, it is a good idea to look for this feature.

  • Intuitive icons

Intuitive icons help users scan documents easily and scan documents fast. They can also help you activate pre-set scanning settings at a single touch.

  • 3-Dimensional Color Correction

Color accuracy is innate to good scanners. A 3-dimensional color correction feature can bring out exact RGB coordinates.

  • Background Smoothing

Background smoothing is necessary for reducing unevenness and smoothing out scanned documents. This ensures that the document coming out of the scanner is crisp and clear.

  • Automatic alignment correction

If the alignment is not perfect, you are in for a skewed scanned document. This calls for a smart de-skew function that can detect skewed angles and characters in the document. Having a feature that can automatically straighten the document can be a great add-on to this.

  • Double Feed Detection

Some scanners carry sensors that detect gaps between overlapping pages. This can prevent two overlapping pages from going through the scanner simultaneously. So, you don’t need to double-check whether two papers have passed through the slot.


If you are looking for a scanner for your home or home office, you need to think about whether you need to use the scanner regularly or only occasionally. For occasional use, a printer cum scanner can be a good choice. However, if you need to use the scanner regularly you need to use a stand-alone compact scanner such as a canon scanner. However, before choosing a scanner you need to see if it incorporates all the user-friendly features or not.