Upper Body Dumbbell Workout for Female – Top 5 Exercises

When it comes to shoulder or arm exercise with dumbbell workout, dumbbell front hand raise exercise is the suitable one to start with. If you are doing it the first time, make sure that you do it under the guidance of a personal trainer. In addition, deltoid raise gives results. So make sure that you do it right and get suitable results in a quick time. A single mistake can hurt your back and make it difficult to raise your hand.

How To Shape Up Arms?

When it comes to upper body dumbbell workout, start with dumbbell curls and get toned arms.

  • Sit or stand with a dumbbell in both hands with feet shoulder-width if in sitting posture and arms by your side
  • Keeping elbow close to the torso, rotate dumbbells carefully facing palms towards the body and start from here
  • Curl the weight up and contract biceps and exhale
  • Pause at top lower to initial step and continue for 2 to 3 times

How Can Triceps Kickback Help?

  • Start with a dumbbell in both hands, with slightly bent knees
  • Keep the spine straight, hinge forward from the waist in such a way that torso is parallel to the floor and engage the core
  • Keep head as a line of the spine and upper arms close to the body and bent forearms forward
  • While exhaling, hold the upper arm and straighten the elbow. Try to do this by pushing forward back and engaging the triceps
  • Now, pause and inhale and return to the initial stage and repeat this 2 to 3 times

How Can Chest Press be Beneficial?

  • Lie down on a mat with bent knees with a light dumbbell and do this bench
  • Extend elbows to 90 degrees while resting your back comfortably on the bench and bring the dumbbells over the chest position
  • Taking a deep breath, exhale and extend your arms until the dumbbell almost touches
  • Now pause and return to the initial point and repeat it 2 to 3 times

It is better to get in touch with a reliable personal trainer for an upper-body dumbbell workout. It shall help you get promising results for the same and within weeks of starting the workout regime.

How to Shape Up Shoulder with Dumbbell Workout?

  • Grasp light dumbbell in both hands
  • Now position the dumbbell and raise your hands in front side and keep your upper legs straight
  • Keep elbow straight or slightly bent as the one is comfortable for you
  • Now raise the dumbbell forward and upward till it reaches in a horizontal line with shoulder level