Valuable Tips on Creating the Best Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes

Vapes and vape cartridges are still relatively new. Existing brands and upcoming vape businesses are looking for innovative ways to present vape carts. Vape cartridge packaging gives you the maximum ease to get creative and make a unique packaging solution for cannabis cartridges.

This blog post will go through some customization possibilities that are a game-changer for your cannabis cartridge boxes.

High-end Looking Sleeve Style & Foil Stamping

Sleeve boxes are ideal when it’s about packaging your vape carts. On top of that, when fully foil-stamped in gold or silver, these boxes’ appeal is ten folded. Sleeve boxes give a tremendous presentational appeal when the tray slides smoothly inside the sleeve. The swift and smooth motion experienced upon closing and opening this packaging enhances the appeal of cartridges.

Sleeve boxes are among the best vape boxes you can get out there. And when complemented with a full-fledged flamboyant foiling – the overall product outlook is enhanced. When customers see vape cartridge packaging boxes in shining silver or gold – they perceive the product to be high-quality.

Luxurious Rigid Packaging in Red & White

The rigid material is a one-and-only to give products a truly high-end appeal. The same goes for vape carts packaging. Investing in setup vape cart boxes will help set your cannabis carts apart from the competition and bestow a high-end appeal.

In color selection, red and white give a unique outlook. Red color catches the eye, and when mixed with white, it turns out to be an excellent combination. These are the colors that any onlooker would want to pick, explore – and likely buy down the road. It’s all a matter of choosing the right mix of different colors, so your cannabis carts stand out.

But, remember that in rigid packaging – you should prefer one to three colors rather than so many multiple colors. It’s because you don’t want to kill the luxury product perception around your vape carts.

Premium Tuck Top Boxes with Window

Tuck top packaging is one of the best vape boxes – because it’s a standard type of packaging – and businesses use it a lot. But not every cannabis cartridge brand goes the extra mile to make the packaging boxes more novel.

A die-cut window creatively shaped and placed on top of your tuck-top vape cart boxes gives a stand apart appeal to your vape carts on display. Any product visible directly visible through a window has its peculiar advantages. A direct product view instills trust, confidence, and a sense of appreciation in customers. A window markets your vape carts in such a unique manner that it positively affects customers’ buying decisions.

You can customize vape cart boxes with a window in different sizes and creative shapes such as:

  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • A ‘D’
  • A diamond
  • Or any irregular shape of your choice

Try the Above Suggestions for Better Results

By following the above, you can radically uplift the shelf-appeal of your vape cartridge packaging and tempt customers to pick.