Tips to Boost Your Website Engagement

To rank your website’s success, website user engagement plays an important indicator. Just getting traffic to your website alone is not important to compete with your rivalry, it is very important to engage your visitors and get them to perform the desired action. 

Users leaving your website within a few seconds shows a negative impact on your website, hence engaging your audience is the crucial first step even before you can convince them to buy your brand products or services. 

Tips to Boost Your Website Engagement

Now that you know the significance of user website engagement, let us discuss a few tips on how you can make your website more engaging for your audiences. 

  • Quicker page loading – It is very frustrating to keep waiting for a website page to load when you can easily have an option to hop to another website. To avoid this situation you can conduct a page speed test with the help of the Pingdom tool, if it takes more than 2sec to download your page immediately take steps to improve the load speed by removing unnecessary elements from your pages. 
  • Improve your internal linking structure – A good liking is very essential in order to enable your users to navigate your website easily and further be able to generate more page views without any bounce rate. Thus Links should be specific with relevant text contents and have a descriptive anchor text. 
  • Display related content – You can display relevant posts at the end of each page and place snippets for more posts or pages at the end of your content which will help your visitors to easily find related posts if they require more information about the topic they were initially 
  • Simplify navigation – It gives a very bad impact if your user exits your website as it is too difficult to navigate. Hence you should Simplify your navigation organize its structure such that users can find the page they need without much effort.
  • Choose your writing style – It is very important that you choose a predominant writing style which is a friendly user and easy-going conversational tone and a professional formal tone so that it can impact your website user’s engagement and response to your content. Relevant content can act as your brand voice, which may help you to engage your users and it can help differentiate you from your competition, by building trust amongst your audience. 
  • Responsive design – It is very essential to build a responsive website design that can engage both desktop and mobile users as it can be very frustrating to navigate a desktop website on a mobile phone which may prevent a few of your targeted website users.
  • Study your audience – It is very important to study your audience’s preferences by conducting surveys and asking them simple questions about their likes and expectations from you. This in turn will help you create better contents to target the interested and truly engaging users.
  • Add a Search box – Many times certain users visit your website to find something specific, to make their search easily available we can add a prominent search box to help them locate their specific content without them getting confused and exit our website. 
  • Ask for email addresses – In order to drive your visitors back to your site, you can collect their email address, so that you can further use them for sending new content updates to them. You can also have a pop-up opt-in form for your viewer who has thoroughly enjoyed your content and you can add them to your email subscriber list. 
  • Conduct contests or giveaways – This method is very beneficial to increase the engagement of traffic to your site as giveaways in a manner are rewarding your users for taking action on your website. This motivates your users to visit back on your site for new content and check if any contests or giveaways are being held.

As website user engagement is an essential aspect we at OTFCoder determine the performance of your business and utilize most of the above tips to run tests to work best for your website design with a focus to make your website attractive, interactive, and user-friendly. Visit our website for more information or get in touch with us on for any queries related to boost in website user engagement and we can help you establish a powerful online presence for your website in the competitive market with our teams of experts to guide you and discuss your projects.