Top 5 Questions for Your Website Design

If you are planning to become an online brand? First, you should need ‘Website Design’. For a unique online identity, it is a very important step. With the help of digital marketing, increase your website traffic and online presence.

Without a Website, you cannot become an online brand. Therefore, create a website for your business is the first step.

Before creating a website, brands or web designers should ask few questions themselves.

Question 1:

Did visitors of your website can understand the purpose in 5 seconds?


If you fail to deliver the aim of your Website, you fail as a business. The increase in traffic or visitor engagement starts with the visitors know about of your business reason. Therefore, the theme of the website should be purposely designed and executed; users can be distracted in 5 seconds if your website isn’t shared a clear idea of what is all about. Thus, the theme of your website should be related to the industry or trends of the outline.

Question 2:

Does the design of your website reflect your company’s core eligibility or services? Can anyone know what your firm does, in 10 seconds, by visiting your Website?


If they cannot understand in 10 seconds, what your firm does. They will exit from your website. It will affect your search results. With a high bounce rate, your website does not rank high. Thus, on your website menu bar should have service details, a short introduction of your services on the home page with inner page links. It will help in SEO and people can easily find out what they are looking for. Therefore, at first look, they understand who you are and what you do.

Question 3:

Does your Website interface have user-friendly and simple navigation? Can a visitor immediately locate your blog or navigate to your blog in 30 seconds?


User-friendly Website sends to signs like ‘responsive website design; various devices supported, HTML5 based, apt images, useful contents, and simple navigation. If you be short of these indications, you are old and will never be liked by new internet consumers. Navigation is an important side of simple website browsing, and consumers do not get confused or distract. If visitors can easily land your website or blog, it is the best part of accelerated fame and high rank.

Question 4:

If you are an eCommerce firm, is the pricing, discount, offer, and sale layout easy to understand? Are they completely establish for influencing the call of action?


For an eCommerce site, the pricing table is valued. Therefore, you should plan it and serve it. You should not jump to the conclusion but select for the error and trial method. You should also accept the advice from the users via social networking sites. Call to action should be established straight, so people get intimidated about taking a step.

Question 5:

What is your bounce rate? Is it too high? Is it too high for a particular page or the overall Website, especially the home page?


If you follow all the 4 parameters above mentioned right, the bounce rate will come down automatically. It does not necessarily an expert from a website Design Company to help you.